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  1. Not liking westward turns. Keeps pushing its eventual landfall remains in its northward turn over Kansas and we have way, way too much flooding already.
  2. Keeps rotating and dropping wall clouds, but never makes good on it thus far. The cloud base is very high.
  3. Complete overcast and crapvection in southern KS
  4. SPC calling moderate risk again, TX panhandle.
  5. Strongly reminded of the Andover tornado with the motion.
  6. Good God, JoMo, I remember when you disappeared after that thing in 2011.
  7. That was Elie, and it was pretty apparent it was a violent drillbit by the motion.
  8. Cap just broke, explosive growth. (Finally)
  9. PDS for a single cell? Is this like maintaining High Risk on Monday for a single cell?
  10. Well, we could compare NWO's. Wichita is notorious for not issuing warnings.
  11. We're a bit insulated in the met community to our technicals. The dismissal of public perception and reception happens too often.
  12. Public perception isn't going to be very good in OK, but may be heightened to proper levels in Joplin. Heading out there now from Wichita.
  13. Tulsa-area still inflow dominant. Outflow dominating OKC metro.
  14. "They want our blood... what do we tell them?"
  15. Haven't been here in a while - but something strange passed over Wichita and was very pronounced on both BV 0.5 KICT and TICH. Best described as a "ripple" starting at 23:20Z to present approached from the southwest and ran over the city producing some interesting wind effects. Anyone have an idea of what it was? I've never seen anything like it, strongly resembled a still shot of a bullet going through the air. Edit: NWS Wichita calling it a wake low event.
  16. Scrambling west of Kingman, got out of work much later than I hoped.
  17. I'll be jumping northwest towards St John after work. Hopefully the timing works and I get my pick of southern storms.
  18. Thread is eerily quiet for an event. Plus the SPC left the door open for moderate risk today.
  19. Good ol' reliable Wichita pouring cold water on it as well, citing conditionality. Was hoping for a birthday tornado, central KS has been dry for years. Chases have been pretty boring other than hail dents.