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  1. Most interesting is that i expected some tiny "green" (lower scale violent) in Florida and less than Florida north of me in ESE NYS/Conn/Westerm Mass. for an almost 50 yr period.


    Wondering is there is a grid-graph for recorded durations broken into 15second segments, eg. 15s, 30s, 45s, 1min, 75s etc.


    Thank You for the very interesting blogbyte and informative grid.

    The feedback is appreciated!


    Violent tornadoes in Florida are actually quite rare, even though they do see a large number of weak tornadoes on a fairly regular basis.


    United States Tornadoes has another graphic showing violent tornadoes over a similar, but somewhat longer time scale:

  2. There also was a weak diffuse boundary in the area. That combined with low level CAPE probably added to this brief spin up. Of note, the cell also briefly turned to the right and migrated more easterly once it began to develop rotation. 

    That's pretty interesting and there definitely was some CAPE in place as well. As someone else said before, in New England we can see tornadoes under some seemingly weak setups, yet there are times where CAPE is through the roof and the atmosphere is very unstable and very little severe weather is reported.


    A lot of it comes back to small scale processes and local topography can help (or hurt) setups.