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  1. dmconno

    NNE Winter Thread

    Great day at Stowe today. I must have been right behind you heading down from the Mtn. Made it home safe but took 5x longer. I'm starting to think your 8-12" is to conservative, ha ha
  2. dmconno

    NNE Winter Thread

    Great to hear PF. Just got to Stowe from Concord, MA. 89 Changed over to very heavy snow at exit 4 in VT. Roads must be really bad by now. See you on the hill.
  3. dmconno

    NNE Winter Thread

    I'm heading up to Stowe tomorrow. My friend has been on the mountain today and tells me that the conditions are fine and there is a lot of snow making on the Mansfield side. PF- Felling lucky about more lake effect squalls tonight?