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  1. Upstate/Eastern New York

    http://www.weather.gov/buf/winter Second section, middle graphic. They are still experimental.
  2. Dec 9th snow

    It is now 5 inches or more of snow. It used to be 4 inches.
  3. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    The forecast will probably change. Just noticed the NWS forecast for my location has 1-3 inches of snow yet only a 50% chance of snow for Saturday. Hmmm.
  4. E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2017 OBS Thread

    Let the NWS do their work before posting it has been confirmed, since it has not actually been confirmed yet.
  5. E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2017 OBS Thread

    His link does not work. It has not officially been confirmed. The NWS needs to survey the damage to confirm a tornado and more importantly assign a wind speed and an EF rating.
  6. E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2017 OBS Thread

    4.55 inches of rain measured in Burlington, NJ.
  7. E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2017 OBS Thread

    It is toasty out especially with nearly no wind here.
  8. NBC 10

    NBC10 has been issuing "First Alerts" for awhile, but I recently noticed 6ABC is now issuing "AccuWeather Alerts".
  9. March 13-14 Storm

    Rather interesting ranges there! I am not a fan of overlapping ranges.
  10. March 13-14 Storm

    Early? The storm starts tomorrow night.
  11. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Looks like NWS Buffalo did a good job leading up to this high wind event. That being said, 81 mph gust in ROC. Damn! Is that the second highest gust recorded? I think the first was 89 mph back in September 1998 (Labor Day Derecho).
  12. Vendor forecast thread

    But it is exclusive. Lol