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  1. Talk about bad, How about David Murphy of 6 ABC. I lost all credibility in him years ago when he stated his neighbor had a truck with a snow shovel attached to the front. Really Dave! He is Mister Anti Winter if I ever seen it. I will take Chris Sowers over him all week long.
  2. Also had dime sized hail for 15 minutes not enough to damage vehicles though. Florence had winds of around 40 MPH. Looked like a war zone. Should be some footage on news tonight, Choppers were buzzing area before dark.
  3. My acurite weather gauge reported 5.64 inches in over two hours. Rte 130 in Burlington City near the Burlington Bristol Bridge approach is flooded hood deep on cars and water rescues were in progress.
  4. Chris Sauer is a radio MET on a NJ station full time, I believe its 101.5. He definitely is an upgrade over David Murphy, much more knowledgeable.
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