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  1. Taken from Edgewater/Mayo, MD in AA County. The hail core passed over the next peninsula up. Parents reported varying sizes from dime to quarter with perhaps a few bigger ones thrown in.
  2. At this point, anything that washes the yellow cake mix off my cars will be a welcome development.
  3. We came close to slotting there for about 15 minutes before it filled back in.
  4. We've been all-snow down here south of Annapolis for a couple of hours and we're below freezing. Wherever the line is, it's south/east of here.
  5. Yep. The trees are already getting noisy.
  6. About to lose the band here in Edgewater. Will be interesting to see how many of these we can stack tonight.
  7. There are some pingers in there but it's visibly snowing. We already have a coating.
  8. Back-filling right on top of us here south of Annapolis. Light/Mod band overhead. This is getting real.
  9. I half-expected the weenie brigade to encourage me to drive in. You guys fixate on odd stuff sometimes.
  10. The front-end white stuff tonight is just going to be for show. I know this in my head. But I also know that if I drive my new summer-tired Mustang into DC tonight as I had planned, temps will crash and it will be more than just a pretty evening. (Disclaimer: I drive cars for a living. I am a professional. Do not drive your car in the winter on summer tires. You will dead.)