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  1. Looks like 18Z para is still buying what the 12z euro was selling.
  2. Correct. In the original, Andrew "fades in."
  3. Interesting piece from a perhaps unexpected source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/07/as-irma-nears-florida-governor-tells-residents-to-use-gas-buddy-expedia-google-maps-more/ Consider that a lot of states were already experiencing fuel shortages thanks to Harvey's impact on U.S. refining capacity.
  4. The interaction with the Bay could also be a significant factor in how/where surge becomes a major problem, all dependent on the final approach track, of course.
  5. Yeah, here's hoping that's confusion or poor transmission quality...
  6. Amazing how little that surplus matters right now.
  7. May be time for a new obs thread? Getting database errors.
  8. Still backbuilding, but the incoming bands aren't nearly as impressive.
  9. Obligatory dog bathroom remodeling photo.
  10. Some great returns on those bands about to cross the Bay too. Northern AACo and Baltimore, get ready!
  11. Returns over AA County getting interesting. BWI just got in it, big time.
  12. Just went out to do the same. Light snow and riming. Some pingers mixed in. I'm in a horrible spot for measuring but judging by the path I cut, I'd say the mean depth is in the 10" range.
  13. Pingers mixing in again down here. Nothing crazy, but definitely more than just riming.
  14. I was thinking the exact same thing earlier.
  15. Thomas Point is reporting 45 MPH winds out of the N/NE, gusting over 50. Bay Bridge has full restrictions and claiming 50 MPH sustained. And it looks like it's about to be Wilmington's turn to 'slot for a bit.
  16. It's slowly but surely cutting off the Baltimore dryslot too. We're back, boys and girls.
  17. I'm seeing SN-. Some riming, maybe, but no pingers over here (Selby). You can see the sleet line retreating back east in the last couple frames here: http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=LWX-N0C-1-24
  18. Jes. It's OK, though. Like Donald Trump when asked about where his money really came from, it's pivoting!
  19. It's trying to figure out how to close off that dry slot. Fresh returns over Delmarva. We're walking a tightrope here in Edgewater. Turn, baby, turn!
  20. Think I just heard some pingers. Hard to tell what's blowing and what's falling right now.
  21. The backfill is starting. Even the northern Richmond 'burbs are threatening to get back in it...
  22. It would explain why the area immediately S/SE of BWI isn't cashing in as well on the recent HRRR updates, though.