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  1. Can confirm other reports, snowing heavily in April. Sticking to roads and everything in Rock Hill, SC.
  2. 33/32 in Rock Hill. Looks like we may avoid the FRZ down here thankfully.
  3. Expecting another 2 days of 33 and rain. I'd rather it torch than this.
  4. I'm expecting more rain and 33 degrees as is typical just south of Charlotte.
  5. Finally some token flakes down here in Rock Hill. Waiting for the ULL to pivot our way.
  6. Nearly every model but the NAM was too cold for Charlotte and York County to the south. I'm down around exit 77 area and while sleet has mixed in, there's been 0 accumulation of anything.
  7. Just woke up here in Lesslie in southeastern York County. Been cold rain most of the night. Some sleet has apparently mixed in but nothing has accumulated. The Airport in the north of the county is apparently still at freezing but I think we're above here. I guess I got my wish. If it couldn't be snow it better have been all cold rain.
  8. 36/36 in Rock Hill with a Northeast Wind. It's slowly cooling down.
  9. So, the snow/sleet seems to be starting early for Charlotte?
  10. .85 of freezing rain over Charlotte would cripple the city. And given that the NAM seems a little warm, that has me terrified down in Rock Hill.
  11. I'm not looking forward to freezing rain. I'd much much rather have all snow even if it was 2 inches.
  12. The forecast from GSP for south of the NC/SC state line just gets more depressing. Charlotte getting 7 inches of snow, and Rock Hill getting 2 inches and ice.
  13. Feels bad seeing ALL of SC left out of the WSW. York County always misses the stuff Charlotte gets.