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  1. Sunday SWFE..Monday Coastal?

    Oh the Joy................
  2. Sunday SWFE..Monday Coastal?

    Everything I have seen, read and summarized, here in Marblehead on the coast of Essex County, we will get anywhere from 3 to 18 inches...... Right? I don't think I have seen so many different predictions for just one storm.
  3. Huge Damaging Nor'easter Obs

    Sleet in Marblehead. Temp 37.6 winds gusting to 23 out of the NE. This kind of reminds me of the Halloween Nor Easter from 4.3 years ago. I was out on the water moving a boat to safer moorings. Heck of a ride.
  4. Super Snow Sunday

    I'll have to ring up my father in law in Halifax... Former head of the Canadian Weather Service Atlantic Division for his take on this one! Of course he's partial to the Canadian.....
  5. Long duration overrunning to coastal disco 02/07-02/09

    The one here in Marblehead with a Starbucks, Salem Five Bank, 7-11 and a Walgreens. All are closed and are being torn down.
  6. Long duration overrunning to coastal disco 02/07-02/09

    The snow has just started here in Marblehead, My toyota is at the back of the driveway covered in 5 feet of snow and I won't be seeing it until spring at the rate. We have had roof collapses in town as well at a small strip mall which has led to the building being condemned and ordered torn down. (One being Starbucks.... What are all the yuppies going to do????) I just don't know where we are going to put it anymore. From what I'm seeing, Coastal North Shore could be ground zero for this one...
  7. January 26-28 Blizzard Observations/Nowcast

    Light flurry activity here in Marblehead 15 miles NE of Boston ...temp 21.4 wind 1.99 N
  8. I'll be getting first hand reports from my father in law who lives in Halifax, NS and is the former head of the Canadian Weather Service Atlantic Division. He raved about Juan, looking forward to his comments about this coming storm. I'll see if I can get him to put up some posts.
  9. March 18-20th Observation Thread

    Changing back to snow here in Marblehead....
  10. March 18-20th Observation Thread

    Thunder sleet in Marblehead!
  11. Blizzard Observation Thread Feb 8-9th 2013

    26 degrees and have a light dusting here in Marblehead Winds at 6 out of the NE..... It has begun!
  12. February 8-9th Storm Banter

    Today, Salem, MA Fire Department (Engine 4) was called to the Market Basket on Highland Avenue...Report states: Over Crowding. I think that says it all...... http://salem.patch.com/articles/storm-center-police-called-to-market-basket-for-overcrowding
  13. The December 29-30 RPM Miracle--Obs Thread

    Up to 36.3 now with winds at 13 out of the NE......... Going to be hard pressed to see anything substantial if this keeps up.
  14. The December 29-30 RPM Miracle--Obs Thread

    So much for snow. Temp here in Marblehead up to 33.4 with heavy rain.
  15. The December 29-30 RPM Miracle--Obs Thread

    First flakes flying here in Marblehead.... 15 miles NE of Boston. Temp 32 wind at 6.8 from the N ... Ready to shovel!