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  1. Has there every been any really good regression analysis done on model lead time "locking" in on the big storms? I recognize one of the intangibles has been improved forecasting technology (I'm eyerolling as I write it too...but the trend vs 20-30 years ago is improved).
  2. I'm worried we could be on the wrong side of the front/storm. Plenty of time for that to change. Feels like the ingredients are there for us to suck on exhaust while BOS is getting hammered.
  3. Helpful context. I am not jumping off any bridges over a model run 5 days out, but clearly want this to move just a bit more East over the next few days. Rooting extremely hard for the big storm that this whole forum cashes in on. Let the "losers" in this storm be people fighting about 10" vs 12" instead of 12" vs 0".
  4. Just took a drive up to Lexington from Cohasset. Amazing how far and wide these OES bands got. Going up 95, solid 3/4” and flying snow to Braintree. Continued to see flakes in sky till I got to Needham/ Channel 5 exit before the sun came out.
  5. OES makes me nostalgic for Upstate NY. Went to college at Syracuse and the lake effect bands that would move through with such isolated impacts always fascinated me. Really cool localized weather phenomena.
  6. OES band moving back up 3A towards Cohasset again...flakes picking up again. Still hanging around a dusting on the day. Have colleagues in Marshfield and Kingston reporting several inches.
  7. Light dusting here. We come in and out of heavy flaking. Hard to believe I got more from today than yesterday. Maybe winds will shift slightly later and can get one of those bands up here a little more.
  8. Where does today rank in terms of seasonal melt on this board? Has to be one of the all timer days, no?
  9. I generally am here to consume information / learn from you all (I know, a very interesting definition of "learn" when you consider the content spewed out on this forum) vs pretend to know what I am looking at and make baseless predictions. That being said, when you have a ratter like this winter, it is hard for any snow lover to not let it it out.
  10. Cold, terrible rain here in Cohasset. I'm so over this winter. We cannot even cash in a lowly 1-2" of snow. My expectations were reasonable for this storm. This has to be one of the worst winters I can recall in recent memory in that there have been so many "close calls" on storms of different sizes. Bring on an early spring...that groundhog better not see its shadow. This winter is over. Winter 2015 is not walking through that door...there is a reason that a winter like that is a one in a generation type one.
  11. Is it dramatic to say This has been the winter of trends going to the gutter as we get closer?
  12. Feels like the winter of what ifs…not our year.
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