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  1. Pushing 6” here - the little storm that could with a “big” finish
  2. Agreed. Bring on Spring. A COVID winter is not all that enjoyable. Glad we had our two weeks of fun.
  3. I know we all love the history making storms. I this crazy world we are all living, give me the nickel/dimers every 2-3 days. Love the constant action and it being a snowy day on a regular candence.
  4. I’d estimate somewhere around 8” here. Awesome storm!
  5. We gotta be at 6 here. How many more hours do we have?
  6. Was over in Weymouth to run an errand with my kids at the CVS by Nikos about 45 mins ago. Pounding here too.
  7. Snow starting here. I’m liking the snow growth trend already vs last storm.
  8. After Monday’s debacle, I will be very happily accept a nice 4-6” event tomorrow. somewhat off topic, but had to take a ride up to Westford yesterday. The snow pack from Lexington on out is impressive. You can tell how durable that pack is.
  9. Am I imagining it, or was HRRR the one to sniff out the quick change to rain in the last storm that some of us shrugged off?
  10. This beyond surreal watching these posts. Hard to think of the last time South Shore was this shut out of a storm.
  11. This thing is over here...its white raining.
  12. @CoastalWxcould it be that last week will be the bigger storm here?