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  1. wxmaggot

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    Light snow now after spotty freezing rain over the past two hours here near Walkertown
  2. wxmaggot

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    Road, deck, etc covered. Fine snow coming down at a good clip now.
  3. wxmaggot

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    "Eye straining, but they are there in tiny spaces flakes" falling here just outside Walkertown, NC.
  4. wxmaggot

    February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    Pouring down snow here! Looking good, just gotta keep that Low near the coast
  5. Still snowing here...roads are a mess even though they look ok from inside. What an over performer this one continues to be
  6. Still snowing, albeit lightly, with close to 2 inches near Stokes Co line. Schools closed
  7. wxmaggot

    Wed Feb 18th Convective Snow Shower Chances

    Near whiteout to start here in Walkertown near Stokes county line, then nice heavy wet snow for the past 30 minutes or so. Friends in northern Stokes county been reporting heavy snow for some time. Really nice way to wind up before warming on Sunday!
  8. wxmaggot

    Fab February Banter

    I post VERY infrequently, mainly in the banter thread if I do. I have been lurking and learning (what a phrase hahaha) for over 4 years now. I can't begin to tell you posters how valuable and educational this forum is. I want to thank all of you who post for your time and valuable insights. I also want to take a second to tell folks who haven't done so to donate to this site. If you enjoy this site as much as I, it's the least you can do. Carry on!
  9. wxmaggot

    3/6-3/7 Last Hurrah Obs

    Hahahaha! Yeah sorry about that guys. Imagine what it was like standing there. Anyway, now all snow. HUGE flakes falling at a very brisk pace. I can see the 2-4 additional inches that Blacksburg mentions happening round here (Stokes) if this keeps up.
  10. wxmaggot

    3/6-3/7 Last Hurrah Obs

    Here between Walkertown and Stokes County line. Been all p-types all last evening and this morning. Sleet, once again, most dominant. Been snowing big flakes at a good clip for about 30 minutes. This pic off my deck doesn't do it justice. The floor is a solid inch of ZR/Sleet
  11. wxmaggot

    3/3 Winter Storm Obs

    Been snowing moderately here outside Walkertown (near Stokes county line) for about 2 1/2 hours. Started as sleet around 11 am then switched over. Starting to slow down some now.
  12. wxmaggot

    The Big One - Observation

    Starting to really slow down now...what a ride!
  13. wxmaggot

    The Big One - Observation

    Wind picked up some, still HUGE flakes here just outside Walkertown. We were outside for a few hours. Snow went to sleet for a short time then changed to monster flakes (.50 pieces) and have held for close to an hour and a half. Unreal!
  14. wxmaggot

    The Big One - Observation

    I've only lived here in NC for 6 years. This is something I have missed since growing up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Truly beautiful! Still snowing heavily here...
  15. wxmaggot

    The Big One - Observation

    Really snowing a heavy, beautiful wet snow here in Walkertown, NC near the Stokes co. border. Parents in Mt. Airy getting clocked by heavy snow all morning...
  16. wxmaggot

    Burns' Big Banter Bonanza

    Been lurking around here for 3 years, reading, learning, and enjoying this AWESOME board. Thanks to every met and vet that has been posting since I've been here. Hangin' here near the Stokes County NC line waiting on my snow....last 2 days have felt like weeks!