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  1. jaf

    The King Regains its Throne

    Mixing in Attleboro
  2. jaf

    The King Regains its Throne

    Looks like the R/S line is hitting a brick wall from PVD to BOS.
  3. jaf

    Model Mezzanine, the 2nd installment

    Does the Euro also have the 3+" of qpf like the GFS does for next week?
  4. jaf

    January 2016 Pattern Disco

    Anthony Masiello ‏@antmasiello 1m1 minute ago Anthony Masiello Retweeted Anthony Masiello This can be posted now again. Late Jan into early Feb looking warm.
  5. jaf

    Super Snow Sunday

    Ed Vallee ‏@EdValleeWx 25m25 minutes ago RGEM total snow through 8am Sunday is weak. Under 6" all of SNE
  6. jaf

    Super Snow Sunday 2/15-Party Like it's 1717

    Just can't catch a break this winter
  7. jaf

    Snowathon Obs/ Nowcast 02/07-02/09

    Do you really have 19 inches there already?
  8. jaf

    Long duration overrunning to coastal disco 02/07-02/09

    Agreed, doesn't look impressive at all. High bust potential for many areas.
  9. jaf

    Long duration overrunning to coastal disco 02/07-02/09

    Is this going to be like 1/2" an hour for 36 to 48 hours or so? 6 hr QPF amounts on NAM and GFS aren't impressive at all, it just goes on for so long.
  10. So after Monday, nothing until D9 or 10?
  11. jaf

    January 2015 Pattern Discussion

    Anthony Masiello ‏@antmasiello 9m 9 minutes ago Basically new ECMWF monthly forecasts hold PNA/-EPO/+NAO pattern into early spring. zzzzzz
  12. jaf

    Do We have one More in Us?

    Probably will end up missing by hundreds of miles.
  13. jaf

    Do We have one More in Us?

    nada for everyone
  14. jaf

    Do We have one More in Us?

    Agree, I think it's more likely this ends up further east and a complete whiff than a huge hit.
  15. jaf

    Feb 15 clipper/redeveloper

    Isn't 15 mm a little more than 0.5"?
  16. 18z GFS has a storm, but it's rain for most.
  17. Does it clip SNE after hitting the Mid-Atl hard? Wxrisk.com ** ALERT ** 12Z EURO & CMC HOLD COURSE !! .. Hammers Middle Atlantic region with 12" + snow for 5th run in a rowWOOF
  18. Agree - I think this will end up more like the GFS.
  19. jaf

    January 2nd/3rd Storm Observations

    Only 1.5" or so in Attleboro. Heavy, heavy clouds though...
  20. jaf

    Big Snow threat, what will it do, part II

    I thought this was going to be the video for "I go to extremes"
  21. jaf

    Big Snow Threat Disco Jan2/3

    What ratios is it going on - 25:1?