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  1. Looks like the R/S line is hitting a brick wall from PVD to BOS.
  2. Does the Euro also have the 3+" of qpf like the GFS does for next week?
  3. Anthony Masiello ‏@antmasiello 1m1 minute ago Anthony Masiello Retweeted Anthony Masiello This can be posted now again. Late Jan into early Feb looking warm.
  4. Ed Vallee ‏@EdValleeWx 25m25 minutes ago RGEM total snow through 8am Sunday is weak. Under 6" all of SNE
  5. Do you really have 19 inches there already?
  6. Agreed, doesn't look impressive at all. High bust potential for many areas.
  7. Is this going to be like 1/2" an hour for 36 to 48 hours or so? 6 hr QPF amounts on NAM and GFS aren't impressive at all, it just goes on for so long.
  8. Anthony Masiello ‏@antmasiello 9m 9 minutes ago Basically new ECMWF monthly forecasts hold PNA/-EPO/+NAO pattern into early spring. zzzzzz