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  1. They pounded West Virginia in the tournament a few years back. I'm not too surprised that they beat Duke. In Cameron Indoor? Yeah, but not in general.
  2. My 60-year-old mother texted me some bullshit on FB the other day about yesterday/last night. I just responded with "lol," and told her to stick to Joe Murgo at WTAJ in Altoona. There's no reason for weather services to exist on social media. I would argue that even TV station weather departments, private forecasters such as AccuWeather, or the NWS come off as alarmist on social media. Stick to print, air, and text.
  3. While I'm all-in on any Snowvember, I'm not all-in on Novembuary with those lows.
  4. This guy's too excited about the ****ing weather. Dial it down a bit, huh? I need you at like a three. You can currently be heard from the Moon. Also, your name makes me think of the Comrade Jeb Bush meme. Please clap. Please clap.
  5. The wind made it real ****ing hard to post that wife of yours on her normal corner, and so were relegated to dog walking her about. How's her knees, btw? I was up til four AM splashing gauze bandages and rubbing alcohol on those moneymakers.
  6. There was a brief shower and now the sun is out. Hopefully it supercharges the atmosphere.
  7. Still overcast in Wertzville. Not feeling it today.
  8. I took the day off to watch the tornado outbreak in the plains. Everything I've seen in the last week-plus has reminded me of the springs and summers I like. Tornado on the ground now in Cottle County, Texas.
  9. Looks that way. Last few years at this time the forecast going up to the end of May was basically March. That doesn't seem to be going down this time. Whatever pattern we have had locked in for the last 25 months seems to have died.
  10. I've been up since 5. I ain't seen shit lol.
  11. This is how I felt about Camden Yards. I froze my legitimate nuts off yesterday. Nanny isn't gonna be happy when she unzips later and I'm a eunich.
  12. Funny that Sterling noted models showing some stability in high pressure in their CWA. CTP read as depressing as I've ever seen for mid May. I'm over the weekend rains.
  13. Yeah. I have tickets to the Orioles on Sunday. The one day I need it to be not miserable.
  14. This is a barn along US 522 near the Huntingdon county/Fulton county line. I have yet to reach confirmation on this, but I'm fairly certain this barn was where a local woman was held hostage for a week back in the 60s. Edit: Not the same barn.
  15. I believe that was about 725. Right before the Tornado warning that was issued for Huntingdon county.
  16. Another one coming for Franklin county. The May 2011 event featured multiple tornadic storms in that area. Crazy.
  17. There's video of a tornado in Saint Thomas, Franklin county. Pretty big funnel cloud.
  18. Looks like the warning was dropped. Not exactly the worst scenario ever. Rained like gangbusters.
  19. Yeah. The area where that cell is going through is heavily forested. It's going right through Blacklog Creek area, which connects Orbisonia to Mifflintown. If a tornado were to touchdown, it would be a genocide for muskrats.