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  1. If you're north of US 22 on that run, enjoy the sunshine.
  2. I have a feeling this is going to be the worst model run in the history of model runs.
  3. Sorry I couldn't pay the krauts to mark the trigger on your wife's ass crack, but they did me a solid and got it close anyway.
  4. Do I need to go down to the MA thread and set some mother****ers straight?
  5. It's been a busy afternoon. I am ready for my briefing. Who wants to do the honors?
  6. Okay, I'll rephrase: Chillicothe. The blow lives in Chillicothe.
  7. That's just residual cocaine blowover from the winds as they pass Columbus.
  8. Quick question: Has the primary low even surfaced on the continent yet?
  9. And failure to pay contractors for services provided.
  10. That looks a lot like the model runs from 12/11/2020 before the 12/14 event...
  11. I think you're the only one who pays attention to der Ikon.
  12. GFS is nice. I'd like to see that low tucked in a little closer, but that's a solid hit.
  13. Accuweather back when they had Margusity and Abrams and Kate Bilo was a good time watching blogs. Margusity now is a shell of his former self. Steven DiMartino is similar in that respect.
  14. I went and exchanged money for chips here...
  15. Any meteorologist has likely forgotten more than we may ever know lol
  16. Yes but inciting panic buying at Giant also is not their job. He may be basing his forecast or projection off of experience or climo or any other number of things.
  17. "potential blockbuster" That probably jinxed the entire set
  18. I want that low 150 miles further south, as stated earlier, we need it to track below the four corners.
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