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  1. Yes but inciting panic buying at Giant also is not their job. He may be basing his forecast or projection off of experience or climo or any other number of things.
  2. "potential blockbuster" That probably jinxed the entire set
  3. I want that low 150 miles further south, as stated earlier, we need it to track below the four corners.
  4. No, I get the dynamics behind it, but it just looks like it's about to head to Cleveland lol.
  5. Looks like it's cutting from that picture lol
  6. Can confirm. I DM'd this guy for motel ideas for a weekend away with his wife and he set me up in a five star suite along Rte 30 in Breezewood. You're in capable hands.
  7. There's a week to go between now and then. Certainly there's enough hot dogs and whores available to keep that fat **** from poking his nose in this...
  8. Hmm. The east coast upside down looks like west Africa.
  9. Let's just hope this was this winter's huge, embarrassing failure and that we're not cancelling the remainder of winter by this time next week.
  10. All well and good, but I found a fatal flaw in the Church of FHS. Y'all run on the Julien calendar similar to that of the Eastern Orthodox church, so this prayer is probably 13 days behind the civilized world running on the Gregorian calendar. Weather 13 days ago on January 12: 43°F daytime high. Don't think the prayer is gonna work, bud.
  11. I'm currently in Philipsburg. Snow squalls are real.
  12. I consider Binghamton part of PA the same way I consider Hagerstown part of PA. They're too close to the border and too easily accessible to be in another state lol
  13. Good to see CTP is starting to discuss Monday's alleged event with infographs. I guess it's probably time to log back in for a few days, huh?
  14. A flood on Christmas would be the perfect cap to 2020.
  15. I turned down a job to work for that guy. I'm not kidding, in the interview, they asked me what I knew about him. You want to talk about a ****ing messiah complex? Go check out Accuweather in State College.
  16. I played the voice of reason once and it got me the banhammer from the Accuweather forums.
  17. I'm impressed in how far the sleet got north. Looks like it's reached Route 22.
  18. That was June after I spent May learning about the thousands of Russian Orthodox folks who flooded central PA to make bricks and mine the coal and litter the landscape with Byzantine crucifixes. I then moved onto watching a bunch of Bear Grylls types taking saws and brush and surviving in the woods of Michigan for three days in 70°F weather like I was supposed to be dazzled.