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  1. But the quarry is far. Like, between Palmyra and Granville far. And my 1982 Yugo is finally dead. Please, my girlfriend, she's type 9 diabetic, quadriplegic, has stage six autism, and has debilitating psoriatic arthritis. She also weighs four thousand pounds. I'd float on her, but I fear she would sail us to Portugal. Please. Just some sand. Just a speck.
  2. I've changed my mind. I value my life. Unfortunately, you've bought up all the air, and now I can't inflate my own raft, which is odd because I thought you commies were all about sharing the air. I guess only your select group get the air. I'll just have to accept being relegated to sand bags. May I have some sand, your Excellency?
  3. I've been thinking about this post since you posted it. I wish Zack Labe (Blizzard92) was on here more. I feel like this is something he would be able to touch on, as I *believe* he has become something of a climate scientist, if my memory serves me right.
  4. Henry Margusity punted until late February this morning. Henry Margusity or not, a meteorologist punting until late February is basically bolting a coffin shut.
  5. We're having a pool party in Harrisburg. Come do keg stands and have a go with Canderson's wife.
  6. I'm just going to say: If JNS was able to crank that out at the ER, then whatever was wrong (I will assume for the sake of the joke that JNS was the patient) could've waited, and another fine example of people using the emergency room as a primary care physician has been exhibited. That was a really, really good read.
  7. The torch year of, what was is? 2012? Was it this miserable snow-wise? I feel like it was much, much warmer that winter, but I also feel like I've never felt this snow starved in my life. I'm 34, so I've lived through the big ones and have had some bad years, but this season just feels exceptionally bad.
  8. I'm going to float on the lake with that sharp cutoff from heavy to not heavy stuff.
  9. It's because I went all-in on the second hand. To make matters worse, I went all-in just after the flop. I'm willing this one into existence like that time the blonde with the fat jugs on Reno 911 willed her way into winning at the lotto. The only problem was: literally hundreds of thousands also won.
  10. Dammit. This is the second hand of the game, and I haven't even had to put in a blind, but it's time. I'm going all-in.
  11. Every single one of them needs to call the number on the back of the card. 1-800-GAMBLER.
  12. Snow has turned off. I'm going to shake the machine to see if that will start it back up.
  13. I am in Mount Union currently. Roads have caved. Moderately coming down. If it stays at this clip for a few more hours, the advisory will verify
  14. You're full of German fun today, aren't ya?
  15. The dry slot, I'm okay with. I have plans in Altoona tomorrow night for the McGregor fight and would really not have to cancel that, so if we can squeeze some accumulation out in the morning and shut it down after that, I would be quite alright with that.