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  1. How is that any different from normal? I've been spending a lot of time up your way this winter and it's been insane.
  2. You're used to that. Both things. The dry slot and barrelling up 81. This should be second nature by now. Stop acting like such an amateur hahaha
  3. I swear to Christ, the time leading up to a snow is the most stressful...
  4. Oh so you're a pilot also. You plan on being a pilot like Chuck Yaeger or a pilot like Cory Lisle?
  5. It's basically a cheese head with wings and wheels.
  6. JI was a riot on the EasternUS forums back in the day. Are they still around?
  7. I'm going to say this right now. Storm or no storm, I will win any flame war for this subforum, a subforum that I have been a part of for ten years. And I'll burn this entire place down in my wake. If you're coming from PGH or MA for any untoward bullshit, you can **** off and all.
  8. I'm just saying, if this one fizzles out, it's gonna be hard to believe the guidance for the remainder of the season unless there's some massive change in the set up or we're being shown a triple phaser or something.
  9. Travel agent, weather guy, airline scheduler, is there anything you can't do?
  10. No need to apologise. I just havent had a chance to see anything lol
  11. Is there going to be a dry slot issue or something? I haven't had a chance to look at much this morning. Bubbler seems concerned about something.
  12. Like the layperson on Facebook understands that lol
  13. If it does, I will be banned from AmericanWx for flaming the MA thread into the stone age forever.
  14. When the best meteologist in the state puts that out, you feel good.
  15. I saw a drone get a hernia trying to lift one of those up. Probably yours.
  16. Graphic guy got a talking to about that 2-3 feet from yesterday when everything seemed bleak.
  17. Can we get MAG his 20 incher for all his hard work?
  18. When the high af guy at The Weather Chanell calls his shot...
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