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  1. We also don't all experience blizzard conditions because of the various landscapes and environments, but our southern tier brethren sometimes get that chance.
  2. And if they bust on this, they'll never hoist an advisory ever again.
  3. Time to switch to Chex, fren. It soaks up the piss in each square.
  4. Has Bellefonte or Mill Hall ever been the bullseye? That's a foreign look to me...
  5. I've never seen CTP so aggressive. They've gone all-in.
  6. Right. I hate people with Belgian names, people who shtoop my wife, welch on bets, stuff like that, too.
  7. You mentioned earlier in the thread that he left Millersville. Did he retire or head elsewhere? For my money, he's the best Pennsylvania has to offer.
  8. ****ing amateur. I remember when I had my first beer.
  9. I hope the liquor store is ready for me. I'm coming for them.
  10. I gave your wife the big 8" last night*. * That's 2. Four times.
  11. The models sniff out the classics a week in advance and then generally lose them temporarily about 3-4 days out, only to find them again. I wouldn't be shocked if we lost it either midday today or tomorrow for a few runs, but considering CTP is posting info graphics this far out, it seems like it's a good shot.
  12. Just build a bunch of Chick-Fil-A's at the Mason Dixon line. That'll slow it right up.
  13. Kinda makes me think of the February 5, 2010 event...
  14. Your mom had something on the 18th as well as a potential hahhaha
  15. Stormtrooper or S&S was the name of my Panzer Faust band in high school.
  16. And 22 minutes ago, CTP began the hysteria on Facebook.