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  1. I think the key during this test is that the scientist conducting it should be in the southernmost portion of the garage. If I'm understanding correctly, the air will be very clean in that area during this time.
  2. That's from 11:19am, they released a new set of maps at 3:14pm
  3. UKIE track is beautiful for the entire area.
  4. The return of Doorman! Just a result of the forecast offices not communicating yet... It should be more uniform by tonight.
  5. Yes, I'm aware. I was posting the 850mb winds in same frame as your reflectivity post above to illustrate that mixing will occur in many areas where the atmospheric inversions will be at a minimum. I can only post 850mb/10m as you know since it's tidbits. I'd post the stormvista 925mb maps if I could.
  6. Rough Tuesday incoming for power crews.
  7. Few branches down, reports of a full size tree down in East Hanover knocking out power to about 300 customers. Other than that, pretty quiet here in Whippany. Light rain started.
  8. Hi. Give me all the weather - Honestly, it's an ominous event. I hope folks along the coast are taking this seriously & that everyone is prepared for at least some power outages.
  9. Agreed... Out of my area of knowledge here - But looking at some of the soundings, there is definitely stability below 850mb. That being said, the trowel signature seems to be pronounced, and the intensity of the precipitation could mix down some of those 850mb winds, but to what extent? So I'd also love to hear a meteorologist perspective on how they think what happens at the surface.
  10. The mesos get a bad rap when they're utilized in incorrect situations (ugh, social media). I like the NAM for this event too, & the RGEM as well. I expect the mesoscale models to perform better than the global models for this event due to the dynamics at play. The NAM has a knack for handling thermal profiles well as we get closer to the event. I'm starting to give creedance to the heavy sleet solutions being depicted.
  11. He's an objective poster, he does not troll.