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  1. 31 minutes ago, tamarack said:

    Low near 50 this morning, big change from the past 4 days which averaged 59/26 and 12.5 BN, taking the month to -2.7 after being +2 on the 10th.  Now we go the other way, though I think the month ends up a bit BN.  Morning GFS chopped yesterday's 1.4" for Monday in Augusta down to 0.5".  A blip or a trend?

    By Sunday, we'll be looking at showers, 0.1-0.25"

  2. Every day that goes by we're entering uncharted territory for re-infections.  I would not doubt the validity of the claim though. 
    There have only been two documented reinfections, maybe this is a third. Of the millions of infections, these reinfections don't even move the needle. Time will tell though, but I think we would have heard of more cases if it were a big problem.
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  3. We’ll see. I think some areas of New England will get a good drink. Of course some areas will get screwed, but I think that trough will last into and maybe last day enough looking at just Monday or Tuesday. Got to look beyond that.  Looks fine to me. If you are only happy with nothing less than 2-4” of rain, I salute you. 
    I'll take a 1/4" at this point

  4. 16 minutes ago, dryslot said:

     It faces west all day, Its gets up to 120F in there, That's why the garden thrives in season, But night temps were below freezing and killed the plants, Couldn't tell by the pics??    lol

    nah, I could tell:P was surprised it was reading 90f even in the sun with the cool days lately