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  1. Feels like it’s been years since we’ve had flakes. Nice surprise here to end out January. Update: some of the biggest flakes I’ve seen in my life and that’s no joke. Crazy.
  2. You are correct, got snow, rain and sleet all coming down at a decent clip. I could hear the sleet inside the house.
  3. Oak Ridge, NC has a nice glaze on everything this AM. Probably right at .25” glaze on trees. Power has flickered a few times but remains on. Hearing some timber in the woods. Currently light drizzle, good news temp is right above 32.
  4. I’m right above the sleet line and there’s a battle going on in my backyard between bigger snowflakes and sleet. Coming down hard. Haven’t measured in a couple hours, but I suspect we eclipsed the foot milestone a little while ago and still climbing.
  5. Wow! Amazing storm. Wind is howling, sounds like rolling thunder almost. Snow blowing sideways. This is the hardest I’ve seen it snow in my life. Trees snapping in my neighbors backyard.. Incredible!!
  6. Got around 11” avg around my property. Still all snow for the time being, and coming down pretty hard. At times when the wind gusts it’s about as close to a blizzard as you get around here.
  7. James- hate you’re missing this one brother. This is going to go down as an all timer for the Triad. Incredibly heavy snow, has to be 1.5-2” per hour rates right now. Temp still holding at 26.
  8. Oh man, just incredible rates right now in Oak ridge. It’s raining snow if that makes any sense at all. 26 degrees and heading out to measurly shortly, but we’ve got to be nearing 9-10” if I had to guess
  9. Somewhere between 7-8” on the ground Forsyth/Guilford line, Temp is 27. Mod/heavy snow continues. At times visibility is under 1/4 mile.
  10. If we can keep these rates until noon, we’ll be well into double digits Wind driven snow continues dumping at an impressive clip on the Guilford/Forsyth county line between Kernersville and Oak Ridge.
  11. My 2” measurement was obviously a misplaced snow board, as I’m at 4-5” through out my yard.
  12. Just absolutely ripping outside, looks like a wall of white. Visibility greatly reduced and sitting on 30 degrees. Got about 2” on the ground and that number will increase rapidly with the rates we’re currently seeing.
  13. Temp falling fast, down to 33 now. Mod snow coming down. Starting to stick to grassy areas.
  14. Went from Flurries to wind whipping flakes everywhere in a hurry. 36 degrees Kernersville/Oak Ridge line.
  15. Can I just get a foot, please. Every year I ask Santa for the same thing, just a foot of snow. Dude has never come through before. Maybe this is the one? I smell a 6" snow topped off with some sleet and ZR. Hope I'm wrong, which is usually the case.