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  1. 16.25" new yesterday. Season: 99.75"
  2. Another 2/10" since 6:30 am. Final Snowfall: 5.0" North Bath, Maine.
  3. Flipped over to heavy wet snow about 40 minutes ago here in North Bath.
  4. Torch! 35°F. No precip yet. Looking forward to the temp crash.
  5. Thank you! Thanks, Jeff! Ha, I wish I had a phone that took pics as well as this one. (Nikon D750)
  6. @ moneypitmike Waterfront Park at dawn this morning. 22.8" total snowfall in Bath from Sunday/Monday storm.
  7. The City of Bath is working double time get get the snow banks off of the streets. I was downtown around 5 am this morning and it was surreal. There are epic drifts and snow banks everywhere.
  8. Total snowfall as of 1:00 pm: 22.8". Temp: 24°F. North Bath, Maine. Snowfall has let up substantially. Right now light snow and very windy. Heavy snow bands just to my east and west.
  9. My next measurement will be at 1 pm. But just eyeballing I'm thinking another 2"-3" has accumulated since 10 am. Very high winds, heavy snow, and visibility <1/4 mile for several hours now. Whiteout conditions are common here in North Bath, Maine.
  10. There's going to be some higher numbers to my east before all is said and done. Storm rotation still bringing heavy snow back this way.
  11. 10:00 am snow total: 20.5" North Bath, Maine. Couldn't get out my front door. Another heavy band coming through now. Vis ~1/8 mile.
  12. Thanks, Steve! Much, much better. Thank you! I'm good to go.
  13. If you are asking what snowfall I'm expecting, I'm thinking 18-22". Otherwise, I do not drink.