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  1. In midlo and its dumping no sleet at all!!! Stop reporting fake news about sleet. It just lightened up for a bit not sleet. Snowing hard as its ever today now
  2. bwi gets nailed a foot easily
  3. thats over a foot in the towson area per ggem wow
  4. cant wait to watch all the weenies cry when the 18z suite comes in south again
  5. You guys are going way to high with accumaltions.. Remember the ground and roads are going to be warm and wet from the rain. It will take awhile to start accumulate also with temps marginal....
  6. Rainstorm. I see no snow ric dca bwi none No High North of us. If we get anything it will be backlash and you know how that works out lol
  7. is the 18z run warmer with temps? I know its OTS but temps look a lot warmer
  8. looks like a lot of snow. The canadian however is a buzz kill Ukmet looks good though
  9. If the high is out in the ocean storm goes west right? Isnt that meteorology anyways this is my last post for the day as im on my 5th post lol
  10. Maybe the other High can slide in and cool the surface temps down quickly
  11. High way out in the atlantic ocean. Rainstorm. Y even follow this anymore
  12. will the euro fold to the gfs tonight
  13. Hey how did the euro look out til feburary? Is it still very cold pattern like the gfs is showing?
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