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  1. yup will be lucky if we get a inch. Even dc looks not so great. Radar looks like poop... Dry air winning?
  2. You guys really have lost your minds. Putting up a storm thread for maybe a inch best. LOL wow what has this forum gone too
  3. Looks like the euro was the best model with what is actually happening today imo From this past week
  4. DC the new Atlanta... Just how it is. Been watching this forum all week. So much hype for what nothing today. Maybe end of month will see however winters just suck now
  5. Just like with Jim Cramer with stocks go with the opposite and do the same with winter forecasts. They are all usually end up wrong. Go with the opposite
  6. Food for thought there has only been 5 August's with not tropical cyclones in the atlantic. They were all followed by el nino or neutral winters. None were La nina. Will see This past August now makes 6
  7. Radar looks great filling in. Maybe a inch out of this. Dusting now in midlo area
  8. Will see who is right. Keep chasing unicorns though. I love snow but every storm trends north out of our area. Truth hurts this year
  9. Bunch of weenies here another thread thats a bust. How many you guys gonna start here? lol
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