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  1. My measuring stick got avalanched, no more measurements from me. I’ll have to move it further out next time
  2. Had a roof avalanche that almost messed up my measuring stick! 21” so far.
  3. tiny flakes starting on macungie mountain here in the rgem bullseye
  4. Almost made it to the 1 foot mark on my stick
  5. haven't heard any sleet here on the mountain. back to big flakes too. shoveled a small spot outside the door for the dog and we have about 5" of very light fluffy snow
  6. Just saw the first tiny flakes here. You can see the line advancing where it's heavier on google map traffic. Zoom into Harrisburg for lots of crashes.
  7. Im right under the 33.1 on that, on the mountain. We got 2" today while downtown ~500ft below almost got nothing. Will elevation play any role in wed-thurs storm?
  8. you can scroll around everywhere
  9. A joule is 1 Newton of force pushing something 1 meter. 1 J = 1 Nm. If you bring time into it, you'll have 1 Joule per second. 1 J/s = 1 Watt