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  1. The newest version of GFS looks very promising. Three weeks ago, GFS predicted  a tropical cyclone developing E of the northern Philippines at 888 mbs. This week a cyclone had formed in the same region, at 888mbs. GFS , while the Euro didnt mention a word 3 weeks ago, and previously had a habit of  making every disturbance a major hurricane, or missing something that the euro jumped on. This new version is the 16th, or 17th version, and I hope that it proves to be more reliable then ever. We will see how it handles the month of may in the GOM, and Caribe Sea.

  2. I have seen no warming in the E Pac, but it seems a bit weaker, though the cooler waters cover an enormous area N and S of the equator. The edge of the cooler waters is near the Hawian Isles.
  3. The Azores/Bermuda High was further west last year. This covered peninsular fla from direct strikes. But this year they expect the High to further East, and slightly north, this leaves the west coast of Fl and the entire east coast of the US open to hurricanes. There will be further forecasts as May 15 draws near. The SW caribe sea is forecasted to be a bit cooler, and if this proves to be true, central america, from Nicaragua to Panama, might catch a break this year.
  4. At 6:08 PM (EDT) Tampa, Fl, Temple Terrace area, skies are mostly clear at 84, hum at58%, dp68, bar30.04, falling slowly, winds fromSW variable 0-3 mph. There is a cold front approaching the W Fl panhandle, but no rain in the forecast for Tpa till Thurs. at 30% chance.
  5. An amazing photograph, never have seen a super cell here in Fla. Our tornadoes are mostly EF-0 to EF-2, with a record EF-3 , in 1998, during a strong El Nino at Kissimmee, NE of Orlando.
  6. Fla was fortunate to have been blocked from the severe weather/ tornadoes this week, and it looks like we are going to have drier than normal conditions due to La Nina in the Pac, even though a front is expected to bring some rain on Thurs 4/1, but at first the rain chances were at 40%, now its at 30% as of today,(3/27), we will see if the chances drop further, for the Tampa Bay region. As of 2:58 PM, its 92 in Tampa, 33% hum, bar at 30.10, with winds at 2-4 from the SE to SSW.
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