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  1. LOL. Happened to be up late enough to check it. It looks like an anomaly because 1) the 6z looks night and day different in the longer term and 2) the GFS has been spitting out unprecedented heat in the middle of the country for weeks. While I’m pretty sure it’s been hot there, I don’t think it’s been to all time record levels. Next week will be hot. But it probably won’t be ridiculously hot and it might not be that prolonged.
  2. @Bubbler86 whatever you do, do NOT look at the 0z GFS in the morning. Up late on vacation and thought it’d be fun to see what it looked like before I went to bed for a change, but now I wish I hadn’t. @Voyager, feel free to look at said model run. It’s your fantasy.
  3. @Bubbler86 Looks like I’m hoping the CMC is onto something the other models aren’t for next week. But 59 here now and 71 later. Life is good.
  4. This is a family friendly site. 12z GFS also kills the heat as fast as it builds it.
  5. Tough to break that morning routine of waking up and doing a quick look at the models, even if my reaction at the moment is “Oh, it’s going to be hot next week? Who cares, this week looks fantastic.”
  6. Having 9 July days with highs in the 70s and 10 July nights with lows in the 50s was delightful, regardless of what happens in August.
  7. I know the EC isn’t your model of choice, but there’s a panel on it where it’s 97 imby. Still, going to enjoy a day at the lake today with a high near 70 and not think about next week. It looks ugly.
  8. @Bubbler86, the voice of reason. Heat looks much more transient the last couple GFS runs.
  9. Looks like MDT should finish July at +0.2 or 0.3, powered mostly by........ overnight lows.
  10. There weren’t many bright spots in the 12z GFS for those looking to avoid heat, but lock this (rain induced) fantasyland clown map in!
  11. Cut off the first 5 days and that looks like an incredible September.
  12. Your first two weeks of September 2016 at MDT went 82, 80, 81, 83, 89, 91, 93, 94, 91, 94, 82, 81, 88, 90.
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