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  1. Won’t post the fantasy land 6z GFS clown map because it’s fantasy land and I don’t get a flake out of it, but I’m sure one of you will.
  2. CMC really dumps some polar air into the central US at the end of its run.
  3. Yes, and it’s the record winter for Pittsburgh overall.
  4. It’s looking very possible that our low of 37 the other day could be our only low in the 30s as we enter November. There have been 9 times in recorded history that the temperature hasn’t gotten to 36 or lower by the end of October, and only two at KPIT. Latest first 36 is 11/9/1902. The latest in the KPIT era? 11/5/1950. Let’s hope this winter is at least a little like that one.
  5. But could the warmer start to the week make a difference when it comes to that all time October record?
  6. It sticks in my mind that the record Oct at MDT is a +6.5 departure relative to the current normals. So if month to date is +7.5, it would take a +4.5 or so the rest of the way to “achieve” such ignominy. The warm nights could make it close.
  7. Would not be surprised at all to see a confirmed tornado in Hampton. Way too close.
  8. They keep saying it’ll dissipate after sunset but the tornado warnings have entered PA. Edit: oh, the first line. That’s questionable.
  9. Meh, CMC looks like a bunch of ups and downs. An ugly day here and there.
  10. Probably add on a little bit for Pillow, the rain, heat, and cold capital of PA.
  11. The models really, really backed off on the northward extent of the heat next week. And it’s not just the GFS, the Euro did too, albeit to a lesser extent.
  12. Sometimes this hobby causes us to think about things we shouldn’t. Like possible unseasonable warmth I won’t even have to contend with because I won’t be home (and will in fact be in an even warmer, more humid locale). Not even sure it’s rational that it bothers me.
  13. Yep, just went and looked. I see a 77 in there for me on the GFS and a 75 on the EC, but should I really complain if I won’t be here on those days?
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