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  1. Puts them at 23.2” for the season officially at the airport. Which is now an ABOVE average snow season. Northeast airport is officially over 30” for the year...
  2. Skies darkening rapidly in the city now. Very heavy returns just to the southwest. A wall of snow is encroaching on the city. Travel should quickly become challenging ...
  3. Sterling just extended the WWA to Baltimore and DC proper. Will Mt holly follow and extend down to 95....
  4. Incredible conditions right now in northeast Philly. Baseball size snowflakes crashing down with some sleet. Never saw snow flakes this size before. Quite the site. 90/10 Snow currently
  5. Yep. Getting crushed. Totals will range between 12-16” in that corridor
  6. 7.1” now here. Snowing at an incredible rate again. Visibly a few hundred feet. Parts of the area going for 10-14” no doubt. Reports out of eastern montco. approaching a foot already and heavy snow is continuing
  7. 6.2” here. Amazingly still all snow. But lightest rates we’ve had all day. Moderate size flakes. 23f.
  8. Yep. That band was incredible around 6 am. Heaviest rates of the season here. Parts of extreme lower bucks and eastern montco going to end up with 8-12”. If sleet holds off even more
  9. Half a foot now in far northeast Philly. 19116 Moderate snow now. Under that last heavy band did have some sleet but has gone back to all snow small flakes.
  10. 4” here as well I. 19116. Far northeast Philly.
  11. 3” since 430... ... heavy snow continues. For now......
  12. Sleet line still south of Dc. We have a chance to really thump this morning
  13. 1.8”. In far northeast Philly. 19116. Heavy snow continues to fall ... visibility down to a few hundred feet.
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