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  1. And the St. Lawrence river valley. This active pattern is great for that region.
  2. Are you just joking? If not, where are you seeing this? Pretty certain that the Biden administration is going to avoid locking down at all costs. They know that would piss off Americans to the point of no return. The bottom line is Biden wants to be re-elected and a lockdown does nothing to help with his chances.
  3. I will say this: I cannot stand the people who always have it below the nose. I know that many of those folks don't want to be compliant, but for those who do want to wear masks and try to stop the spread, why wear one at all if you can't wear it properly? This is part of my issue with mask mandates- they are unenforceable. It's better than nothing, but to what extent? My issue with it is it's just a "feel-good" measure that local governments put in place because they feel they have to do something.
  4. Understand and resonate. Though I do share SouthBuffaloSteve's sentiment, we can do better than this. Biden's not spreading any misinformation about the vaccine like Trump and his cronies are.
  5. Yes, lockdowns are great! They give me the illusion of public safety. I'm so glad my government is doing something so intuitive!
  6. What unnerves me most is the threat of lockdowns from public officials. Seeing it happen overseas in Germany, Austria, and Australia is excruciating. Does that do anything to help in the long-term? I'm tired of these "solutions" that have already failed continue to be thrown around. It's destroying businesses, it has disrupted the supply chain beyond control, and people are sick of being told by public officials to be compliant when their directives continue to fail. Our best course of action is to focus on treatments and continue to urge vulnerable groups to be cautious. There's always going to be people who aren't going to comply. Not everyone is going to get the vaccine, and while you and I may consider many of those people's reasons for not getting it silly, there's nothing we can do. That is their choice, and I think it's very disturbing that talks of vaccine mandates for COVID have not ceased. In my opinion, governments are using this as an exercise to control people and play around with numbers. I no longer believe these restrictions are governments' efforts to stop the spread for the greater good. None of these draconian measures have done a damn thing to stop COVID, which is why cases are still so high in developed countries. To answer your question about my personal limits, I've only had to follow mask mandates. I haven't lived in an area where we had to lock down, nor have I caught COVID and had to quarantine. Now, I'm not going to label myself as an anti-masker, because I was pretty diligent in the first few months of the pandemic. But I view mask mandates as an inconsistent feel-good measure. Many people you see with them on aren't even wearing them correctly- the most annoying of them all being the "below the nose" morons. And a lot of these rules in place do nothing to slow the spread. You can take off your mask on an airplane or in an airport to eat or drink, for example. You can go to a restaurant and sit among dozens of maskless people, but the servers still have to wear them even though they come in contact with dozens of other people's tables each shift. You have to wear them indoors, but if you're outdoors, the mask can come off, even if you're in a crowd. You have to wear a mask in a gym even though you touch all kinds of used equipment. So why bother? It's nearly unenforceable and has done nothing to limit cases. It's just another limit to personal freedom. And after almost two years into this thing, I'm effing tired of it.
  7. It's a double-edged sword, in my opinion. TN elects some real morons to its state legislature and Congress (e.g. Marsha Blackburn over Phil Bredesen). The political climate in Tennessee right now makes it difficult to introduce any reasonable ideas that aren't hardline GOP. It wasn't like that even 10-15 years ago.
  8. Appreciate you sharing your experience. I'm fully vaccinated and I've contemplated getting the booster shot. Haven't gotten it yet. Might, might not, I just haven't made that decision. I am tired of the mask mandates and lockdowns overseas. At this point, we should be able to go out in public at our own discretion. It's fatal to keep dragging this out. The lockdowns have done nothing to help at this point. Time to let people do what they want. Can't control it. I'd rather take risks and not continue to allow the government to restrict personal freedom.
  9. That's awesome @TugHillMatt, and I'm glad the mets' forecast of higher snow totals for northern Onondaga county verified.
  10. Can confirm. Flakes have resumed. All snow now, albeit light. Temp: 30F
  11. Picked up about 1.5" of snow and IP. Would have had more, but we were above freezing for most of the event and graupel pellets cut into our potential. Still nice to see in November. Areas inland probably have 3-6". I should see some heavier snow cover tomorrow on my bus ride to the airport.
  12. I believe we are done here in Oswego. Not too bad! This met my expectations for tonight. We would have had more if we didn't have so much graupel, but it is what it is. All told, we picked up about 1.5" of IP/snow and had some thundersnow action too.
  13. I thought we were done but we've got another quick burst of precip, this time all snow. IP has cut into our totals. I'd say we have about 1".
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