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  1. That seems accurate. I don't have much perspective of this climate yet. I'm used to this seasonal schedule: Late Dec - Late Feb: winter* Late Feb/early Mar to mid May: spring Mid May - early Oct: summer Early Oct - Late Dec: fall* *Note: restrictions may apply. While rare, some side effects could include tornado outbreaks and temperatures in the 80s. If you're a snow lover, consult with your doctor first.
  2. I commend you for wishing for an April snowstorm. You're a true snow junkie!
  3. Is anyone else still aboard the snow train? I've disembarked it and boarded the severe train.
  4. Wow. That's even with a couple days in March that were colder than an average January day. We didn't break 20 one day last week.
  5. Kansas/UNC was one heck of a game. My roommate is a UNC fan, the poor guy. Even though I don't care for UNC, I really felt for him. You'd have to be emotionless to not be upset by that loss.
  6. I'm thinking we'll hit 70 with that strong southerly wind. Usually the land breeze will keep us 5-10 F cooler than a places several miles inland, but the winds from the opposite direction should be enough to counter it.
  7. Absolutely lighting up down there tonight. EF3, perhaps even EF4 is plausible.
  8. Intermittent snow showers throughout the day here. Disregarding the periodic melting, I'd say we've recorded 2 to 2.5" of new snow since last night. For what it's worth, the forecast verified here. The sounding looked graupely so I was suspicious of any forecast calling for more than 3" here. I'm surprised we've received as much as we have now. It is white out.
  9. Update: This is actually what happened. 1.7" of mainly graupel. Got some thundersnow!
  10. I guess their buggies aren't street legal if they don't have lights or reflective tape.
  11. Looks like a mix in Clymer. Image from the Mesonet:
  12. Is it snowing in WNY right now? Can't tell if mixed or all snow on the radar.
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