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  1. Do you believe that may have something to do with warmer winters -> less ice on the lake -> more lake effect snow? Meanwhile our snowfall averages in the subtropics have dropped like a rock.
  2. The sun is shining bright here in Williamson County. Different story this morning.
  3. It just looks unstable outside, like typical pre-severe weather. Sun out, occasionally covered by fast-moving clouds, wind blowing from the south-southwest, and bugs flying around frantically in the muggy air.
  4. Blue Moon


    Awesome- let's put the scuffle behind us and move on. And I will keep in mind to not post in a vague manner (as I did).
  5. Blue Moon


    I hate to quarrel- if it means anything to you, Jeff, I will apologize for the vague manner in which I posted. I can see why you felt I was poking at you. We got off on the wrong foot here. I am most certainly not a troll so let's just settle our dispute and move on.
  6. Blue Moon


    This is ridiculous. I am new to the board and have never, and will never, be a troll in any fashion here. You are telling me this all because I replied to one of your posts that called for increased severe weather? I replied with a single word. Sorry if I didn't understand your forecast- I didn't realized this ENSO thread pertained only to forecasts that were 3 or greater months in the future. In my defense I did not see anything that indicated that was the case on the subforum. Not everyone on these forums is as educated in meteorology as you, and that includes me. In my first post on this site I explained that I am here for a learning experience. I find it nothing short of asinine that you are calling me a troll simply for responding to a post that I interpreted as one of your forecasts. No one likes such a condescending remark such as "post less" which makes anyone feel he/she isn't welcome to contribute. Your post from February- if that is intended for the long range, what period of time should we be looking for then? If you were truly predicting a loaded severe weather pattern for the Tennessee Valley for March-May then you need to stand by your prediction. It is offensive you are calling me a troll for following up on your forecasts, in an honest manner, wondering why we've had a (relatively) tranquil spring.
  7. Blue Moon


    Wow, you sure are sensitive. My post wasn't a knock on yours. You don't need to interpret it that way. If you think I misunderstood something there's no need to be a dick.
  8. Blue Moon


    April was very quiet, is all.
  9. It's looking and feeling like late winter today in Middle Tennessee. Fifties, misty and low cloud cover. Can't imagine we would see storm activity anywhere near here.
  10. I missed it! I was just in the area last weekend. Got some token wet snowflakes down here in Nashville.
  11. Props to the SPC and GFS. They are the reason why I posted this last weekend. Had fairly intense severe day today.
  12. Risk was marginal, but we did have tornadoes today in a part of the state that rarely sees them.
  13. Other than moving to a windward alpine climate, this might be the biggest possible change in winter weather I could pick. But hey, I'm all about adventures. I don't know about luck, but I can bring several dustings with me.