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  1. Well I am not telling everyone to disregard the NHC, it is just my personal preference to not listen to them. No hard feelings.
  2. 115 kt fl wind = 100 to 105 kt at the surface. Cat 3 all likelyhood .
  3. High shear on approach to gulf coast and cooler waters will weaken this quick. Lili 2002 analog
  4. Nhc is way too low . Will peak 105kt tomorrow morning .
  5. It will come close to a major . Though it could still be one tonight given its current shape.
  6. Ukmet gfs ecmwf cmc don't go above 997 with the ukmet strongest.
  7. 12z globals consensus is 999 mb 50mph peak . Don't look at hwrf for weak systems in infancy.
  8. I was the only person calling for Michael to peak as a cat 5 . Also head ISSIAS the strongest . I'll take my ability over anyone including yours .
  9. Mid level and low level look decoupled on the gfs . Wont get stronger as a result . Ukmet has no intensification . I dont look at the ecmwf since its performance with Laura but still only 1005 mb low .
  10. Looks like weak junk to me. Won't get above 40 mph.
  11. Tornado tracking se of Kingston, NY very strong rotation.