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  1. Strong tornado? With those wind profiles? Yeah, good luck. They're a lot worse than the forecasted wind profiles. Less aircraft observations looks like it definitely had an impact on forecasting this event.
  2. Circulation to the south now also has TDS.
  3. Confirmed TDS on couplet east of Jackson
  4. A little bit earlier south of Augusta, GA. Circulation has broadened since then.
  5. Rain-wrapped tornadoes at 4:30 am, not ideal.
  6. It can be quite tricky to get warnings out in time with all these brief spin up tornadoes in a QLCS. Not uncommon to put the wording for possible tornado into the severe thunderstorm warning, which is what I believe they did here.
  7. They're right on the cold front, so no.
  8. It would have to take the mother of all right turns to get to Macon, which isn't going to happen. It will stay well north of Macon. Looks like it's weakening anyway.
  9. Ah, I see now. It's earlier than the data I'm looking at. Looked like a very brief spin up.