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  1. Fair enough I won’t mention it anymore
  2. When I said I might have had the virus back in late January everyone was laughing I feel like I may have had it although right now.
  3. It’s because they were behind with the testing. Also there’s people that aren’t taking this serious, people at the park playing basketball and stuff. Dumb people just in general. Also a lot of non essential businesses supposedly essential which to me is bullshit. Like I’m in maintenance in a residential building why does the whole staff have to be here. We’re spreading the virus unknowingly. It needs to stop people are going to start dying fast around here!
  4. Not here. This is the New York City forum!
  5. The city is the epicenter of the most serious disease of our lifetime and there’s not even a discussion on here. Moderators should be ashamed of themselves!
  6. Anyway this is my story, my wife is a nyc school teacher and I have a 9 month old at home. My wife is working from home now but my worry is I’m still working and to be honest with you I smoke and a bit overweight, I’m young 36 but my wife’s coworker had the coronavirus in February and she had some symptoms of dry cough the last few days. Me I’ve had some cough but no fever but now I’ve noticed today I’ve had shortness of breath. I don’t know what I should do at this time I’m at work until later this evening.
  7. Only 250 deaths? That isn’t too bad. And people were comparing this to the flu. This in my opinion will end up being much worse!
  8. That’s true so we won’t really know their death rate until this disease really starts winding down. Very scary disease but hopefully it has peaked for them
  9. That percentage counts all the cases. You should count only the cases that were resolved. Out of the 9.25% there’s still thousands of cases unresolved.
  10. I think that Italy will get a lot better now. It has to have peaked. Let’s see the next few days.
  11. It should be called physical distancing not social distancing. You still want to call people but not physically be next to them
  12. There were more cases in USA than any other country in the world in the past 24 hours. 68 deaths accompanied with it, over 6700 cases
  13. You have to wait 14 days. The death rates will go up the next few days unfortunately. If not we’re pretty lucky
  14. You can’t trust germans or Chinese ever! We’ve learned that over the history unfortunately. I believe the Japanese and South Koreans also
  15. We’ll have to keep an eye on the cases in China because it seems like they’re picking again. Experts said there may be another Wave of cases. 41 cases in the last 24 hours we’ll have to wait again tomorrow if that picks up.