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  1. I had to lol at the 12z GFS. There looked to be a monster storm rolling up around 192-198, and at that point it simply stops and exits stage right
  2. Are we good to officially toss that towel in now? Story of our winter. Couldn’t even get 2-3in here in Allentown that looked like a lock 48 hours ago: brutal stuff
  3. Yeaaaaaa I’m tossing it on this one esp since the EURO seems to have stepped off. Siggghhhhhh. I’ll peak at a model run here and there the next 7-10 days. After that let’s just get to spring,
  4. Essentially the only thing giving me a smidge of hope here in the Lehigh Valley, SEPA, is that some half decent Mets on Twitter aren’t immediately discounting the EURO despite its bias. Other then that not much to cling to at this point
  5. The UKIE on 12z and now 0z would leave me questioning faith in humanity. Allentown gets roughly 3in while like 15-20mi to the E/NE they get a fairly classic 6-10in snowstorm
  6. Kinda encouraged that I don’t see a lot of Mets on twitter immediately shut down the EURO
  7. 3.5in away from falling out of the top 5 least snowy winters from Allentown. Possible to eat a 2in dent into that this weekend. Prayers
  8. Certainly. I’m not savvy at all. All I see are colors, but I *thought* the GFS looked pretty ok for Wave 2 as well?
  9. Hey sure seems like we might have a meh 2-3in event Friday/Saturday coming up *insert shoulder shrug*
  10. Allentown only needs 3.5in to drop out of the top 5 least snowiest winters of all time. I!!!!! am going to be positive and say we get those 3.5in over the next 2wks
  11. I would kill to cash in on just 1 6in+ storm. Give me 1 winter storm warning on the year. I’ll go away content,
  12. I’ve actually locked this in for everyone. Enjoy next week y’all.
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