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  1. Latest HRRR keeps it going till noon, but we'll see.
  2. Based on satellite and radar returns, looks like at least 2-3 hours more snow for E MA. Definitely pleasantly surprised given the model runs yesterday.
  3. 22Z HRRR vastly different than previous runs. Bombs out the low to <970mb and shifts everything east. Edit: 22Z RAP does the same. Round 2 looking weak/unlikely at this point.
  4. Heaviest banding still sets up to the east on 12Z HRRR, but precip still spreads farther west into MA, RI, NH. Coastal Maine gets slammed.
  5. 12Z HRRR looks great. Almost stationary band of snow starting at 22Z. Definitely some potential for some widespread snowfall this evening.
  6. 00Z NAM significantly farther west than 18Z Euro.
  7. Similar trend to the GFS on 18Z vs 12Z. 18Z GFS bottomed out to ~970 mb off the Cape, 12Z GFS was around 984mb. Would be one hell of a storm for the Cape.
  8. Question for everybody: My wife has to drive from Newton to Sturbridge area for work. How good are they about salting/plowing the highways? I am wondering if she should just call the day off tomorrow/Tuesday. Thanks.
  9. Hey all, I'm new here! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so I know a decent bit about the weather out there. I'm pretty clueless about the weather around here, though. Lookin' forward to tracking this storm with y'all!