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  1. 5 minutes ago, crossbowftw3 said:

    How many violent tornadoes have occured within the domain of a QLCS? Early morning 4/27 had two high end EF3s, 1/30/13 had a high end EF3, and I believe Harrisburg 2012 was one, so does that make two?

    Truly remarkable event

  2. 1 minute ago, mgerb said:

    For everyone ragging on LCH, I noticed some problems with warnings not displaying in RadarScope this evening. For instance, the post above questions LCH's lack of warning around 9:25 or 9:30 PM, but there was a warning issued back at 9:04 PM. I thing something screwy was happening with the warning polygons (at least in RadarScope). 



    The one over Chambers wasn't issued until 9:28 though, and I think that's the one most people have been griping about since stuff is actually there. 

  3. So to sum this mess up over the last 30 minutes, I think we had a weak, unwarned tornado dissipate, then, a non-traditional occlusion of the original mesocyclone that somehow lead to additional tightening and a tornado with a straight northerly motion that went straight out of the polygon. Then, the second meso intensifies west of Chambers, drops a massive tornado, along with at least 1 anticyclonic satellite. lol

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  4. Just now, Buckeye05 said:

    This was bad, but not as bad as FCC on Easter. Counted at least THREE unwarned TDSs that lasted multiple scans in their forecast area during that event. Was awful.

    Yep. One of them 7 people died in too IIRC near the TN border