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  1. 5 minutes ago, crossbowftw3 said:

    How many violent tornadoes have occured within the domain of a QLCS? Early morning 4/27 had two high end EF3s, 1/30/13 had a high end EF3, and I believe Harrisburg 2012 was one, so does that make two?

    Truly remarkable event

  2. 1 minute ago, mgerb said:

    For everyone ragging on LCH, I noticed some problems with warnings not displaying in RadarScope this evening. For instance, the post above questions LCH's lack of warning around 9:25 or 9:30 PM, but there was a warning issued back at 9:04 PM. I thing something screwy was happening with the warning polygons (at least in RadarScope). 



    The one over Chambers wasn't issued until 9:28 though, and I think that's the one most people have been griping about since stuff is actually there. 

  3. So to sum this mess up over the last 30 minutes, I think we had a weak, unwarned tornado dissipate, then, a non-traditional occlusion of the original mesocyclone that somehow lead to additional tightening and a tornado with a straight northerly motion that went straight out of the polygon. Then, the second meso intensifies west of Chambers, drops a massive tornado, along with at least 1 anticyclonic satellite. lol

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