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  1. Hildy

    All-purpose Thunderstorm Discussion Thread

    Here are a few from Wellesley, which was a macroburst. The Dana Hall School area was particularly hard it--at least 10 trees down on the campus. Sorry for the links instead of images--I resized the photos and they still won't let me upload them. Dana Hall 1 Dana Hall 2 Dana Hall 3
  2. Hildy

    All-purpose Thunderstorm Discussion Thread

    Torrential rain and fairly strong wind in the cell coming through Natick, not hearing a ton of thunder, however... Edit: Man, it looked like white-out conditions from rain there for a minute. I'd say gale-force gusts... Edit 2: Wow. Tons of trees down on Dana Hall campus. Huge tree on a building. Will post pics....
  3. Hildy

    February 5 quick hitting obs

    Wellesley closed schools today, with which I agree, but we have maybe an inch on the ground and the heaviest bands seem to be missing us. Superintendent is going to get roasted, I bet. I almost never post but read the snow threads religiously, and have to say that the Ryan video clip might be the best thing I see all day.
  4. Hildy

    Potential biggest severe outbreak of the Summer

  5. Hildy

    Potential biggest severe outbreak of the Summer

    That's me--Albany.
  6. Hildy

    Potential biggest severe outbreak of the Summer

    I'm just south of Conway in a 65 year old summer camp. Just got a NWS warning of 70 mph winds in that line. Not good times.
  7. Hildy

    Forecast/storm discussions and part II Manitoba Mauler

    I'm a long-time lurker/occasional poster, but having actually experienced '78 on the North Shore I might actually be able to contribute. We were out of school for five days. Snow was ridiculous, and it was on top of a pretty significant storm a couple weeks prior. Will attempt to compare, please excuse model run glitches due to, Um, senior moments...
  8. Hildy

    The 2014-2015 Ski Season Thread

    I would suspect that the exodus had more to do with school starting up again tomorrow then the weather.
  9. Hildy

    The 2014-2015 Ski Season Thread

    We skied Bolton yesterday (Friday) and had a great time as long as we stuck to the groomers. Vista Glades opened up and we tried it once and that was plenty. Three inches of fluff hiding the dread styrofoam snow. Snowed off and on all day, which certainly helped. Had dinner at the Prohibition Pig, which had a one hour wait at four-freaking-thirty. Which is why we seldom go there.
  10. Hildy

    The 2014-2015 Ski Season Thread

    We like all the side country off Timberline, too, and looks as if there's no hope of that at all.
  11. Hildy

    The 2014-2015 Ski Season Thread

    Grinch indeed. We are supposed to head up to Bolton today, but that was a disheartening report.
  12. Absolute deluge here in Natick. Gusty with horizontal rain. Some noise, but really not a lot. Our road looked like a river. Betcha Rte. 9 is flooded.
  13. Hildy

    Spring/ Summer 2014 Convection Discussion

    These are really rough, but I kind of like that about them. The lightning was constant--strobe, cloud to cloud, cloud to ground. Really beautiful. Edit: And no matter how many times I rotate them till the image is right side up, it doesn't stick. Technology skill fail.
  14. Hildy

    7.3.14 lightshow

    B/W photos of a cell that went by to our north, about 10 p.m...
  15. So I just sent that map to my sister who has never been on this site in her life--her response was, "That looks like a giant hot dog." Thought y'all might enjoy. Cautiously optimistic for significant snow next week--we seem to have been in the 'not screw zone but certainly not jackpot' zone all winter.