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  1. 3 hours ago, Weather Will said:

    I alway consider November 11 the period where we can start watching for snow….took 4 hours to travel from University of MD College Park to Greenbelt that day when surprise snowstorm hit….cars were abandoned all along my route home….thunder snow fell fast and furious.  One of the most memorable storms of my life so far…


    Also on this day in 1995 a very wicked front blew through, temps dropped from 60s to 30s.  Frequent TS gusts near 70 in many places.

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  2. 2 hours ago, mappy said:

    Ava showed graphics of the wind field during her morning weather hits. I like that, make people aware that yes, it's going to be rainy but gusty too


    Looks legit, but being Maryland I fear that Nicole will be working the drive-in Friday night serving the most popular item - nothingburgers! ;)

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  3. 48 minutes ago, Always in Zugzwang said:

    What's the wind criteria for a leaf blizzard warning? :lol:

    The spruce forest to our west funnels the winds down to the ground much like what happens in cities.  The result is we wind up with legit "leafnadoes" or "leaf devils" spinning through the pasture.  The winds today are strong enough but are from the wrong direction.  They are doing a nice job of getting the leaves off the stubborn pin oaks, however.

  4. Crazy nice, windows open fresh breeze.  Lights flickered a few min ago.  Didn't hear anything but don't have AppleTV plugged into uninterruptible recep, wife pissed because she was watching a movie.  Oh well. :D

  5. 8 hours ago, nw baltimore wx said:

    I’m using the heat pumps as long as possible this year. I’ll fire up the oil furnace only when it’s below 40 consistently.

    Mine locks out at 32F and the burner has run a few times this season already.  The sensor is too close to ground and tends to read low, perhaps it's time to drop the temp to 25F.

    7 hours ago, WeatherShak said:

    I just spent 10k converting to natural gas. Figured about a third of that will hopefully be saved in the cost I would have spent on oil this winter.

    Went from 70 percent efficient furnace to 96.


    I wish we could get natural gas here!  Of course where things are going it too, could be heading very high.

    Next system will probably be a combination of geothermal and minisplit as I know many in the trade and can get deals that would make ROI shorter.

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  6. 1 hour ago, 09-10 analogy said:

    Yeah I worded that poorly; Ivan spawned 40 tornadoes in VA. At least according to St. Wiki. 

    Irene was every bit the storm Isabel was in my neck of the woods, as I recall. But I don't think its effects along the Bay, for instance, were like Isabel's. 

    Same here.  Not a fan of night time tropical.  At least Sandy, well most of it, was during daylight hours.

  7. Isaias will only be a memory for us because a power fault set the asphalt on fire a mere few feet from my work truck and I had to break out the CO2 extinguisher after the power was cut even in the rain!

    Oh and a junk tree into a 13kV overhead dumping a phase down the road.  Breezy rain.  Nothing compared to Isabel or Irene.  Isabel had some serious sustained winds, front door weatherstripping playing the kazoo all night long!

  8. 2 hours ago, Weather Will said:

    Brief shower about 1:30 but squall line approaching.

    heavy rain now but no wind.  Lame severe thunderstorm.

    Def no severe even though we were warned.  Nice rolling thunder and heavy rain.  Quite soothing while watching football.  I'm OK with it. :)

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