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  1. Went from heavy sleet to snow in the last 15 minutes...streets and sidewalks covered...
  2. I was at Laburnum/Williamsburg Rd. around Noon today and there was some snow/sleet on the ground, so the airport should have recorded something I would imagine...
  3. Didn't even get my crusty inch....I would call it a healthy dusting. Rain. Euro pretty consistent with showing us getting in on the wrap around action later today into the evening. 6z snow map shows 2 inches at RIC between 7 and 10 PM. Doubt that will be the ground truth but at least more wintry than my current downpour
  4. Yeah, get this to show a CLT and RDU hit and I will feel good about it...
  5. Yeah, not much sleet showing up on the euro either. TBH, I'm fine with this. Nothing I hate more than hearing the sound of sleet hitting the side of the house...although I hate this most when I am expecting it to be snow!
  6. Yeah, that 2 inches comes over a long period of time as well....a little at the onset and a little at the end...per the Euro. Lots of mix and plain old rain...
  7. Trust me...I know! I have been lurking on these boards since Eastern (under a different screen name). I recently created a new profile because my name was DC centric and I didn’t want to be judged here in RVA lol. We need to post more in this thread...using the main thread for RVA specific progs is no bueno.
  8. Agreed! That NAM ice prog is showing ice for areas like Goochland that were looking at 4-8! Hoping for a crusty inch and expecting less here in the city. At least this will shut up the DC weenies...didn’t realize how awful they are until I didn’t live there anymore lol
  9. Looks great but doesn't mean much given the aforementioned issues with mid-levels/mixing etc....