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  1. I suppose opinions vary on what constitutes a decent snow event, but it's funny how that works. I'm 20 miles down the road from Boone, and the Triad usually outperforms us every year. In my experience we get one good (>4") event every 2-4 years, yet most years go by without so much as a dusting.
  2. Jim's supposedly 5'7", but someone keeps editing his Wikipedia to say 5'8". Hmm...
  3. Just measured between 16"-19" IMBY - Lenoir, Caldwell County NC. Finally! A NC snowstorm that lived up to the hype.
  4. Seeing lots of accumulation on roads in Lenoir now. Temp dropped from 35-32 over the last hour, and snowfall went from zilch to 1" of the heavy wet stuff in the same time period.
  5. The slot from Lenoir to Morganton had that for well over three hours between 2000-2300 tonight. Couldn't figure it out. You could go 5 miles in any direction and hit some form of precip. Betting yours will end soon though.
  6. Same. I didn't see a single flake in Lenoir until 2250, and it has since ramped up to around >=1"/hour.
  7. I drove to Hickory, Morganton, and Blowing Rock and saw decent snowfall. Friends in Wilkesboro and Taylorsville are also reporting flakes. And then I look at our radar, and what always happens here is happening once again. Nobody's seen precip of any kind. I really wish someone could explain the physics of why this always happens in this tiny pocket of Caldwell county.
  8. Just for giggles, this current radar pretty much sums up Lenoir/Caldwell County during every hyped storm since forever. Did see some flurries 30m ago, well ahead of any radar indicating such, so hopefully we’re on our way.
  9. Thanks for the reply. That would make sense. I also tend to ignore the holes (and always did when I lived in Charlotte, Cary, Wilmington, and Wilkesboro), but those holes actually seem to happen here for pretty much every storm from any direction --albeit less so for these southern storms. No matter whether it's a line of thunderstorms or snow, there always seems to be a 5-10-mile wide swath across central Caldwell that receives far less precip than the surrounding areas. The last time it didn't happen that I can recall was 1993. It's an odd thing, for sure.
  10. Why is Lenoir/central Caldwell county always a lone dead zone in these guys? (Ok, dead-ish in this one, but you get my point).
  11. That last Canadian run looks exactly like what happens in Caldwell county, NC every darn time the early models predict something big. Excluding '93, of course.