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  1. Always cool to get to the “s” storm on the list but this storm paled in comparison to the last time we had an “s” storm which was sandy after extensively reviewing damage photos and storm reports it’s clear that damage from sally is minimal compared to sandy
  2. when all is said and done sandy will still be a more devastating storm than Laura will be
  3. We lucked out with Sandy a few years ago. Two days later and it landfalls on Halloween and the impact is much worse.
  4. Sandy was a much more formidable storm when it was in the same area
  5. these wind probabilities are really ramping up for the east coast. 65-75% chance of seeing tropical storm force winds at my location now.
  6. 98l is giving me an uneasy feeling. I hope this doesn’t turn into another sandy as it comes up the coast
  7. JMA is a significant hit for parts of the area
  8. i was sniffing this one out before the models were. i live on the coast and I’m getting supplies. if it takes the least likely path and missed us I at least have rations for 99l after this
  9. If you want to be complacent and not see the warning signs that’s on you. I’m getting my family prepared. Sandy was really rough on us and just after the storm we had 6-8 inches of snow. It was like Armageddon
  10. people didn’t think a hurricane was coming in 1938 either...... as I said eerily similar
  11. the tornado threat from sandy was more serious than this setup
  12. nailed it happy to see this be mostly rain.
  13. look at the damage sandy left behind. entire communities wiped out.
  14. looks like an hour or snow and then rain for the majority of the rest of the event
  15. The photos coming are an erie reminder of Sandy and the devastation in places like Long Beach Island.
  16. Look what Hurricane Sandy did as a Category 1 compared to Michael as a 3. Queens is flattened for blocks but these structures right on the beach in Florida remain.
  17. I didn't expect Florida to dodge such a bullet. This morning it looked like it was going to be really bad. From my post storm survey they came out relatively well.
  18. Look. Its relevant to this topic. We haven't seen a storm like this with surge and this type of wind since Sandy.
  19. I prefer to deal in facts and science. I stopped reading after your first sentence which is clearly false. The Pinelands National Reserve is over 1 million acres.