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  1. I was a second semester Senior in college down in Washington DC at the time. I had no regular scheduled Monday and Friday classes which meant that the way the two back to back snowstorms hit meant that I ended up with 2 weeks between classes! Almost as long as the approaching Spring Break in March. My apartment mates and I were drinking for days. Ha! Absolutely mental! I had never seen so much snow! What were the combined totals for those two storms? Snowmegeddon, Snowpocolypse, Snowzilla - what a time to have been alive. Best winter by far. Winter 2009-2010.
  2. WWA dropped here in Ardmore. Ridiculous.
  3. 1 inch in Villanova, despite the WSW calling for 5 to 8 inches. Talk about a bust! Ffs
  4. Actually, I’d like people to check out the radar of the last several hours for me. Talk about unlucky wtf how did this even happen?
  5. Haven’t had any snow whatsoever since 7pm. Stayed mix/rain after an initial thump of 1 or 2 inches. Very dissapointed. Massive bust. Epic fail. I’m off to bed.
  6. I hesitate to even call this a ‘storm.’ Completely weak sauce where I’m at. Sigh.
  7. Don’t really understand the point of the Special Weather statement just issued, confirming the incoming snow. Seems redundant due to the WSW....
  8. Ardmore, all snow now. A dusting on top of parked cars so far.
  9. Snow mixing in with rain here in Ardmore. I’m going to presume that’s the meaning of “white rain”?
  10. Whopps, sorry I was looking at the wrong image. I was looking at the Weather Channel’s future radar. Newb mistake, I do apologize. As you were.
  11. I know this comment always happens with winter storms, but that back end is approaching fast and we haven’t even gotten started yet. Can someone please alleviate my fears?