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  1. Switched over to sleet now on NW Baltimore just south of Pikesville.
  2. Definitely sounds like last March. It’s roaring here in NW Baltimore. Thankfully I got my trees trimmed in the fall.
  3. Absolutely ripping here in NW Baltimore. Beautiful beautiful snow fall. Worth the wait.
  4. Still nothing in NW Baltimore but seeing reports of flakes in Dundalk and Cockeysville. *sigh*
  5. I also have a black 1st gen volt! I love that car, and the fact that it is so heavy so down low makes it do surprisingly well in the snow.
  6. Near white-out on Pratt street in the inner harbor.
  7. When is the coastal part of the storm supposed to take over?
  8. Didn’t someone say they would eat their hat if the NAM verified?
  9. Wow a lot of people completely dismissed the 12k NAM from this morning but so far it seems like it has done the best.
  10. Feel bad for the amazon prime now delivery person who is just now leaving Arlington to deliver up here in Baltimore. I guess they still haven’t reopened the Baltimore warehouse.
  11. Roads starting to cave in NW Balt city. This yellow band is doing well right now. So excited to see this so early.
  12. Snow starting to mix in with the sleet in NW Baltimore city. I'm working from home today so not sure what it's like down at the harbor. Anybody there?
  13. I'm trying to keep my expectations in check. If I am interpreting what you all are saying in regards to the models - this would be under absolutely perfect conditions that are highly unlikely to actually converge for a mid-November storm? Is that what the Kuchera ratio tries to account for? So realistically in Baltimore maybe 1-3 based on the most recent models?