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  1. Winter Storm Warning for all the northern counties in the Upstate of SC.
  2. From latest GSP discussion: As of 430 PM EST Friday: Because of complications in how the ProbSnow grids work, had to make some adjustments to the storm totals and they now begin at 00z tonight...so the storm total accum on our website will be *in addition to* what`s already fallen. Some concern about some of the Upstate and NC Piedmont Counties that are in the Advisory, if they need to be upgraded to warning. Not enough information to do that at this time but if reports continue to pile up may need to jump on that sometime this evening. The heavier bands that moved through the Upstate this afternoon have pushed E, but additional banding will continue off and on through the evening.
  3. Snowing hard here in Spartanburg. Ground is covered and beginning to stick on driveways, etc. Sleet mixes in from time to time with snow....
  4. raysum

    Hurricane Irma

    Euro had Matthew too far west last year, will that happen with Irma? Something else to watch
  5. raysum

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Agreed, but it is fun to look at and if nothing else shows the potential in the pattern
  6. raysum

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    From Bastardi on Twitter....if only if it will come true...
  7. raysum

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    Saw this on Twitter... User Actions Follow Todd Crawford‏@tcrawf_nh ECM looks like it did in mid-Nov with "Hudson Heat" pattern & cold spells every 25 days this winter, both suggest cold returns very late Jan
  8. Moderate sleet in Spartanburg, beginning to accumulate...
  9. Moderate sleet in Spartanburg
  10. Light sleet and snow in Spartanburg
  11. Heavy sleet in Spartanburg now.... no rain...started as sleet
  12. raysum

    Winter Storm 1/6 - 1/8, 2017

    I remember it being said that you when the model drives a low into the CAD then it is wrong. Not sure what the actual weather would be but I would bet that a low pops off the SC, GA coast if this model run came to fruitation
  13. raysum

    2016 Mountains & Foothills Fall & Winter Thread

    This puts the drought in perspective. Great graphic from GSP
  14. raysum


    Interesting comment Stormsfury about the back side being worse than the front side. I heard the same thing from people that lived in the Myrtle Beach are
  15. raysum


    Looks eerily like Hurricane Hazel....