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  1. Euro had Matthew too far west last year, will that happen with Irma? Something else to watch
  2. Agreed, but it is fun to look at and if nothing else shows the potential in the pattern
  3. From Bastardi on Twitter....if only if it will come true...
  4. Saw this on Twitter... User Actions Follow Todd Crawford‏@tcrawf_nh ECM looks like it did in mid-Nov with "Hudson Heat" pattern & cold spells every 25 days this winter, both suggest cold returns very late Jan
  5. Moderate sleet in Spartanburg, beginning to accumulate...
  6. Moderate sleet in Spartanburg
  7. Light sleet and snow in Spartanburg
  8. Heavy sleet in Spartanburg now.... no rain...started as sleet
  9. I remember it being said that you when the model drives a low into the CAD then it is wrong. Not sure what the actual weather would be but I would bet that a low pops off the SC, GA coast if this model run came to fruitation
  10. This puts the drought in perspective. Great graphic from GSP
  11. Interesting comment Stormsfury about the back side being worse than the front side. I heard the same thing from people that lived in the Myrtle Beach are
  12. Looks eerily like Hurricane Hazel....
  13. If you get any rain you need to be thankful for it. Here in the Spartanburg area I haven't had any rain this month. It makes for easy yard work with no grass cutting but my yard is so hard I can't tell the difference between it and my concrete....
  14. Still a NE wind at 7mph at GSP tonight helping to keep the wedge in. We have been at 28 since noon today
  15. WYFF news coverage is really good and showing how the wedge is expanding and in Cessarich's opinion, will continue to expand as the temperatures in Ga have continued to drop as the wedge has continued to drop south. Amazing..