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  1. Benadrill

    Michael Banter Thread

    They are really lucky they found that stilt house the exact moment they did. Watching this live was horrifying. It was burnt into my head for like a whole day. I think partially because I've been caught in a flash flood that made my car float. That was scary so I could not imagine being on an ocean front during a hurricane. Around 13:00 min in (of the unedited vid I linked in couple posts above) is when his boss tells him that if he wants to get the eye he has to leave NOW and reaffirms Brett that the surge won't be a problem. When I was watching it live I was like is this guy serious? That guys job should be to talk sense and reason into an adrenaline filled chaser and monitor weather conditions closely. Whoever "David" is needs to quit/resign/get fired. He also seems to be on the phone with him a couple minutes in (not on speaker phone) revolving going back to Mexico Beach. This is the beginning part of the stream when they were originally in Mexico Beach but left to Port St. Joe because of no cover and elevation surge concerns.
  2. Benadrill

    Michael Banter Thread

    Nevermind, that video isn't even the full stream, I thought it was. That video starts right after they left the Marina. The events you are describing took place before it even started raining much I believe.
  3. Benadrill

    Michael Banter Thread

    Here is the unedited video
  4. Benadrill

    Michael Banter Thread

    "No surge" man should never give anyone any logistics advice to anyone ever again. I was watching the stream for over an hour before the surge happened. Brett originally left Mexico Beach for Port St. Joe due to it being such low elevation and being concerned about the surge. Brett's car passenger also told Brett it was a really bad idea to stay in Mexico beach, so they left. Their plan was to go to some sort of Hospital in Port St. Joe because it had a better elevation. When they were on the marina they got a call from "No surge" man who egged Brett on to go back to Mexico beach. And then the call from when he was on speaker phone. From the way Brett talked to him it sounded like he was his boss? He literally had no concern for Bretts safety until it was too late. Of course personal responsibility comes into play but pressuring someone to risk their life for views is rather abhorrent. I'm sure everyone has a friend they know they could talk them into doing something dumb, but don't.
  5. Benadrill

    2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    **** tier storms all week
  6. Benadrill

    April 13-15 Severe Weather Threat

  7. Benadrill

    Apr. 2-4 Severe Threat

    I thought this was going to be a bust for me but I have a beefy warned cell coming right at me.
  8. Benadrill

    Apr. 2-4 Severe Threat

    Hoping I can get a good light show tomorrow night
  9. Benadrill

    Severe weather chat

    I joined it
  10. Benadrill

    March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    All they had to do is look out the window. WTF?
  11. Benadrill

    March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    Still pouring snow here. Wish it would have been windy. Would have been a dope storm if it were. Not really sure why I was never under an advisory. Literally poured snow the whole time I was at work. And I dunno why they dropped the advisory to the south of me. It is still going to snow for a few more hours at the very least.
  12. Benadrill

    Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Yup, can't get them all.
  13. Benadrill

    Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    It didn't really snow much here. You can still see the grass poking out of the snow in a lot of lawns.
  14. Benadrill

    Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Why is the snow breaking up?
  15. Benadrill

    The March Lion Storm

    A couple more vids I took a couple hours apart. Best storm of the season in my opinion. The heavy snow + wind combination is much more interesting than piles of snow on the ground. Even though it did accumulate a decent amount.