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  1. The lake effect that started around 1am was pretty heavy
  2. I dunno. Kind of look the same as they both go to a full white blur.
  3. This is ridiculous. Post your Mexico Beach video that you think looks similar to Dorian.
  4. Your posts just have an extremely salty tone to them. This isn't "scientific" but video from Mexico Beach or even the Air Force base area compared to video from Dorian look nothing alike. Dorian looks 100x worse. It's really visually apparent which hurricane had higher wind speeds.
  5. Do you ever get any negative reactions from local people when you tell them why you are there? Great footage tho. Watched the 1rst episode, it was good as well.
  6. They say this as they nearly orgasm from watching storm chasing live streams or doing it themselves. Statisticaly speaking very few Americans could afford a rescue operations bill. If you are rescued by the government you generally aren't billed. It is only when private helicopters get involved, etc. Your body is billed like a car that is towed. But if you never asked them to help you then you shoud owe 0$, as no contract was ever agreed upon.
  7. Pretty much. Anyway, I hope Josh is okay!
  8. I told someone to go stand in storm surge earlier. Pretty sure that's worse.
  9. Do you have a hard time with modern human socialization?
  10. Calling someone by their name is weird? Lol What are you supposed to call him?