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  1. I can’t imagine Davis Island would do go well from a direct hit, even if it’s from a TS. The rain/surge will have bigger impacts
  2. I will still believe it when I see it for a landfall anywhere near Tampa. It will still end up panhandle or further west.
  3. Looks like the chances of a Tampa area landfall are fading quickly.
  4. Quite interested in later in the week. When is the last time a TC hit the Tampa Bay Area directly from the Gulf like some models are suggesting?
  5. Mostly a rain event for Florida it appears but still a ways out and it is still 2020
  6. Seems like a lot of different routes all leading to impacts on the west coast of Florida, don’t get much action on this coast.
  7. any chaser feeds anyone has? or other type of video? Thank You
  8. Well this certainly would be interesting for us, but I don’t see any chance it does.
  9. I’m pretty sure he jumped into one of the other SUV’s. He talked about needing to do so earlier if debris got bad
  10. Anyone have a stream for twc they can share?
  11. The Timmer stream going downhill extremely fast and it’s only gonna get worse. He is just on the side of the road
  12. Mods can delete this once it is answered and done but can someone started an official banter thread, have a question or two to ask and discuss as a long time reader but non-weatherman and don’t want to clutter the great information in this thread thanks
  13. already some storm surge issues near Tampa. I know some friends in new Port Richey and near Clearwater that are dealing with flooded roads and have seen some other pictures from down in South Tampa of some flooded roads as well.
  14. quick question....a day ago or so there was talk about TS force winds possibly up into the Carolinas and that was with the thought of Michael hitting at a Cat 2. With as fast as he is expected to be moving once he lands what kind of wind speeds could they be looking at in Northern GA and the Carolinas. Could be awful for an area where the ground is still saturated from Florence. I'm not sure the trees can take another big wind event.