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  1. dbullsfan

    Michael Banter Thread

    already some storm surge issues near Tampa. I know some friends in new Port Richey and near Clearwater that are dealing with flooded roads and have seen some other pictures from down in South Tampa of some flooded roads as well.
  2. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Michael

    quick question....a day ago or so there was talk about TS force winds possibly up into the Carolinas and that was with the thought of Michael hitting at a Cat 2. With as fast as he is expected to be moving once he lands what kind of wind speeds could they be looking at in Northern GA and the Carolinas. Could be awful for an area where the ground is still saturated from Florence. I'm not sure the trees can take another big wind event.
  3. dbullsfan

    Michael Banter Thread

    nobody or model is even considering it, but really hope this thing doesn't make a hard right and affect us here in the Tampa area, nobody is even batting an eye at it much less preparing for anything.
  4. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Michael

    forgive me for being a nub, but with no banter thread I wanted to ask this in here. What is driving the consensus that Michael is going to shift to the NW before ultimately turning NNE and NE before landfall. It seems as for the last 12-18 hours it has been further east than expected and I wonder if the west coast of Florida gets more of Michael before he gets to the eastern side of the panhandle.
  5. dbullsfan


    to my untrained eye from this and the radar it appears that the eye is starting to define itself as well and it is just a matter of time before it emerges
  6. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    amazing how at least so far despite it coming up the west coast the east coast has gotten much worse conditions. i know im in for a long night but it hasnt been much of anything yet here although rain and wind starting to pick up a little. huge swing in what people expected and prepared for from coast to coast
  7. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    i keep seeing the cone from the nws trend northwest but Irma keeps going north, this turb seemingly should have happened hours ago. What is keeping Irma from turning and do yall think she finally starts turning at some point? thanks
  8. dbullsfan

    Hurricane Irma obs

    checking in from Trinity/New Port Richey just outside of Tampa/Clearwater about 7 miles inland. Getting the heaviest bands we've seen yet at the moment with pretty good rain and gust probably about 20 mph
  9. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    with all due respect to the one poster in Miami, I don't think that TWC and Seidel are manufacturing the wind/rain in Miami, dude is getting pummeled. So impressive far from the eye.
  10. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    I'm not sure spared is the word I'd use but hopefully the damage lessened.
  11. dbullsfan

    Hurricane Irma Local Impacts/Evacuations

    eerily quiet with calm winds at the moment here in New Port Richey, slightly North/west of Tampa. It is definitely what seems to be a true calm before the storm.
  12. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    gotcha we are sitting at 12-15 MPH sustained with probably 20-25 mph gust I'd say right now. Noticeable change but nothing like what it will be like in 24 hours.
  13. dbullsfan

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    Damn that almost goes right over my apartment, I'm in between Clearwater and New Port Richey, this model isn't that likely though compared to a more southern landfall correct?
  14. dbullsfan

    Tropical Banter Thread

    so this might seem random but is there an app on the phone that you can use to detect wind speeds. I'm curious as I'm seemingly going to be right in the middle of Ms. Irma I'd like to track the conditions.