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  1. It's all north of the warm front. The warm sector is open with minimal cloud cover, so they shouldn't affect instability much at all.
  2. 1137 Tornadoes First High Risk: April 30th We're entering 2019 without a drought in the plains, which is unusual in recent years. 2018 was fairly active outside of the peak season in April and May. The fact that we're not going to have a record low tornado count despite the extremely disappointing traditional peak season is a good sign to me. As long as the jet doesn't take another Canadian vacation in May, we should be better off than we were this year. Consider me cautiously optimistic.
  3. *You're and you're the one projecting your hurt feelings. You are literally one of like two people who are still trying to downplay this. So either you are some kind of super genius that knows more than every expert on these kinds of storms and the damage they produce... or you're wrong. I bet I know the answer.
  4. The BILLIONS of dollars in damage and AIRCRAFT reconnaissance say THAT you data is NOT telling the whole STORY. You dont WANT to listen to THE experts and PEOPLE who know more than you, all WHILE ignoring the evidence YOU asked for because...reasons. No amount of random CAPITALIZATIONS will make you correct.
  5. I don't need to look at cherrypicked data to know that this hurricane was extreme and not at all overyhyped. You complained that this storm didnt produce damage that resembled Andrew, then you saw it this morning and started back tracking and making excuses. You are wrong and not willing to admit it. That is all. And calling you wrong isn't an insult.
  6. What's it like to be so consistently wrong about something and then completely refusing to admit it?
  7. What do you guys think of the east side of the hurricane? It seems like convection is rapidly increasing on the east side of the eye, the eye itself is clearing off, but is that dry air to the east going to try and mess with the center of circulation?
  8. That sounding is super contaminated by ongoing convection and not representative of the actual atmosphere.
  9. Eh, it more cool in principle than on the video itself
  10. On my phone, but not only where fragments recovered, but there is security footage of fragments impacting someone's backyard. It's the first time that a meteor impact had been caught on camera.
  11. I have no idea what to expect this year, but I want to play as well. Total Tornadoes: 1299 First High Risk: April 9th, in MS and AL
  12. How is this to be read? I'm guessing its Time of measurement, lat, long, but what are the other measurements?