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  1. I woke up and there was another 5" on the ground. That plus what we'd already gotten makes 11" so far. And it's still snowing. I'm super excited, I thought SJ was pretty much wrapped up last night.
  2. Snow in south Jersey! It flipped over about 25 minutes ago. Haddonfield area, 9 miles ish across the river from Philly.
  3. I'm in SJ - Haddonfield area - and we had 3" of snow last night when we shoveled before bed. I was supposed to wake up to a lot more snow, but it looks like only a 1/2" of sleet. As long as we get snow for half of the remainder of the storm we should be much closer to 8" than 4", imho. For the record, I am not an amateur meteorologist like most on this site, I just like reading what everyone thinks about the models and I love how excited everyone gets for a proper storm. Temp is 33 but the wind is making it feel murderously cold.
  4. As someone who lives in NJ right across from Philly, I fully support this recommendation. Thank you for your wise words.
  5. Can someone tell me if the overnight forecast for PHL and just across the river into NJ has changed significantly in the last 2 hours? I've got one browser tab (accuweather) telling me the overnight high is 35 and it'll be snowing from 1-6am. Weather.com is steadfast that it will go up to 41 and be raining from 10pm till 3am. Then snow from 4-6am. Mount Holly at weather.gov is saying sleet then rain. Thoughts?
  6. According to the clicking sounds on the windows, Haddonfield, NJ has switched over to sleet. I just ran outside and measured 5.25" of snow on the picnic table. Much better than I was expecting after my hopes and dreams were destroyed by the shifting forecast. (I still reserve the right to be crabby when it all gets washed away by rain, though.)
  7. Correction: Official Picnic Table Snow Measurment says 2"
  8. I'm there. It's been snowing solidly for a couple of hours now. Flakes are gigantic. Less than an inch of snow though, and temp is just about to cross from 32 to 34. We're going to get rain and I'm going to cry.
  9. We're rocking a solid 1/2" here in Haddonfield, NJ. Edited to add: Outdoor thermometer (analog) reads 32 degrees.
  10. Aaagggghhhhhh moving across the bridge to NJ - I’m just 5 miles from Philly - is killing me here. All I want for Christmas is a blizzard.
  11. We’re bitching because 2020 has totally sucked and we got excited for a proper blizzard and now we’re getting 3-6 which will be downgraded to 2-4 by tomorrow morning and then probably end up just sleet and rain.
  12. 7.5” in Haddon Heights, NJ. 10 min east of the Walt Whit bridge. Still snowing pretty hard In the forecast thread, whoever said “this is going to be like shoveling mashed potatoes,” was spot on. Holy hell that snow is dense.
  13. And the thundersnow just hit South Jersey! Haddon Heights area to be specific. 5” on the picnic table so far. Still snowing like mad.
  14. Haddon Heights NJ here, about 5 miles SE of South Philadelphia. I woke up at 6:30 and it was snowing lightly and absolutely nothing was on the grass, streets or sidewalks. I was completely pissed. I sang my snow song and went back to bed for an hour. At 7:30 it was properly snowing and there was a coating on the ground. As of 11:00 there were 2.5" on the ground and it's still snowing like mad. It's hard to tell sometimes how hard it's snowing because of the wind blowing snow off of the roof, trees etc. Either way, we should get at least 6" out of this.
  15. I am a lurker who has never posted before. I am very new to this hobby and don't post anything because I only understand about 25% of what is under discussion and don't feel that I have anything meaningful to add. (25% is an improvement though, I've translated most of the acronyms at this point!) I don't know what the protocol is for asking n00b questions. Personally, I really appreciate having a Philly-area subforum. Philly gets lost in NYC's shadow in so many ways; I'd hate to lose the Philly specific forum in the noise of the NYC forum. Just my $02. Thanks for posting all of your fascinating analysis, everyone! I really do enjoy it.
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