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  1. At what time will we know we’ve missed our Hrrr or fv3 window...if we aren’t transitioned/wedged out by midnight?
  2. 35.4/35.1. Pretty steady temps here in NEGA, constant drizzle. Come on, come on, come on.
  3. If the NAM wins, it seems that the freezing rain could produce some significant damage. It’s interesting as it seems the level of uncertainty with this storm could create a decent amount of impact, and not sure if people are prepared cause everyone confused about what it’s gonna do.....
  4. Hope that rings true for Lumpkin/White county too....seems the warm nose may come get us, but also we typically do great with CAD....
  5. Will the fact that the rain has already arrived in NGA have an effect? Keep our temps cooler? This precip seems earlier, as there was suppose to be some sun today.....looks like the NAM maybe showed this some
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