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  1. 2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    I'm not going to cherry pick NAM soundings, but with a little help this could be a nice event. Good Cape/dews and sufficient shear. Kinda weak surface low, hopefully winds back more in the warm sector. Will definitely be out there!
  2. First NAM run for Saturday in range, and it actually agrees with 6z GFS with Iowa/MO having some impressive parameter space. (Yes, I realize its 84 hour nam, but this agreement at least gives something to watch for)
  3. Not enjoying the look of this one bit.
  4. 2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    Take this FWIW but latest NAM has this around 25 miles south of Valpo on Wednesday evening Will be interesting to see if NAM keeps trending out of Illinois for this event. Low levels look amazing, its upper levels and bulk shear that aren't so hot.
  5. May 1-4 Severe Threats

    Still sitting here at home. Thought I was gonna bite on this, but now considering staying put. SRH looks horrible and won't get much better over the next few hours.
  6. May 1-4 Severe Threats

    Just realized you made a thread for this, sorry. I should have been posting here. I might have to bite today. NAM3k trolling me
  7. Hope you all are enjoying this week. Looking bleak for the foreseeable future.
  8. 2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    Regarding Today, it is interesting the SPC has that 5% tornado extended way across Illinois, but yet they don't really address the storms that pretty much every model fires across E IA/W IL this afternoon. Based on the wind profiles I am seeing, I have to imagine that percentage is based on the overnight squall line that fires in Kansas today?
  9. 2018 Short to Medium Range Severe Thread

    Been eyeing N IL/E IA for some possible warm front action, but NAM is very inconsistent with Euro and other CAMs in regards to what exactly will happen. Looks like overall there are some nice parameters in place, but week surface pattern and possible height rises due to wave timing have me concered.
  10. HAARP

    https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-patents-as-evidence-of-chemtrails-geoengineering-existence-operability-or-intent.t3704/page-2#post-213606 Please read more.
  11. June 28-30 Severe/Heavy Rain Threats

    Additionally, here is a picture I took of it.
  12. June 28-30 Severe/Heavy Rain Threats

    I too chased and caught the Central City, Iowa tornado on wednesday. Here are my videos:
  13. July 10-18 Severe Possibilities

    Intersection of E 3800N Road and N 1800 East Road in Iroquois County, looking NW 7/17/2016 about 9:39 pm. Pretty sure this was on the ground at this point. Later the storm would pass just to my north with a funnel. After that I headed east a few miles and witnessed a rope tornado that lasted a few minutes.
  14. July 10-18 Severe Possibilities

    Hey all, I've browsed this forum for a while now but decided to go ahead and sign up to post here, since I have not seen anyone else post pictures of last night's storm that tracked from Dwight southeast towards Clifton. I left Bourbonnais about 8:45 when I realized these storms were rotating and I had a shot at a tornado. Unfortunately, my new camera is in the shop and returns tomorrow, so I had to use my old DSLR and the pictures arent that great. Here is the best one though. I would attach but I think the file size is too large and I am not sure how to embed on this forum yet.