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  1. 17 hours ago, Brian D said:

    Another 3-6" hit coming in with 6-8"+ slated for further up the shore. I'm thinking a lake streamer could develop during the night tomorrow night, and really jack up the totals. They are hard to predict my way, and usually surprise the forecasters when they hit. This could be one of those times.

    As low pressure moves through, a lingering trough behind helps keep the 850's at an ENE trajectory, even with a N surface wind. Seen it many times. A band develops N of me and rides down the shore towards Duluth dumping a lot of snow together with (and after) the synoptic stuff. When the trough weakens enough (along with the 850's), and the N winds get stronger, it will nail the south shore region hard (Ashland, Ironwood region). In just a few hours, large amounts of snow come down off the big lake.

    We'll see if this happens. It doesn't always, but overnight/early a.m always seems the best for this to happen around here.

    Jan 3 snowcast.gif

    Hopefully this news makes it to amwx383.gif.1a3930640ceef74fdd3c8e22849f180f.gif

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  2. I'd say this is some Wine, Beer, Whiskey shit from, novice.   But God hates ugly.  We have plenty of ugly mofo's in congress and senate who have run the slaves in to the ground over the last century.  Good Luck this winter:damage:

  3. 1 hour ago, Typhoon Tip said:

    Yeah. This has begun to smack more like a fade season. 
    it didn’t before. But now and lately they’re trying and it’s no longer happening - magic left them. 


    more phin

  4. 11 minutes ago, RedSky said:

    Yes really. The Quakertown super Walmart does not accept cash for the last month claiming there is a coin shortage, yet every business in town is ok including several super markets, BJ's and Target etc. They have been claiming a coin shortage off and on over the last year, typically the self checkouts didn't accept cash and you had to find and an open manned register which of course there would be only one or two if you are lucky. One time over the winter they were asking cash paying customers to round their purchases to the nearest dollar lol. But the more rural super Walmart 8 miles away has never had a coin shortage. 

    Now if one was a conspiracy theorist they would say it's being used as a control to see how people accept going all digital to eliminate cash so can't possibly go there...


    All of your business will be conducted via chip embedded in the Jab and vaccine card.


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  5. 1 hour ago, wxtrix said:

    you are all such a bunch of babies. i’m glad i didn’t run into anyone like the people in this forum growing up. 


    1 hour ago, wxtrix said:

    yep. and all of my family is still there. 


    1 hour ago, wxtrix said:

    that’s complete bs.

    there are established facts in science, and there are established facts about covid. 

    opinions based on lies are completely worthless.


    1 hour ago, wxtrix said:

    another rando emerges with nothing interesting to say.


    1 hour ago, wxtrix said:

    i’d keep the cringe-worthy covid disinformation that this thread churns out 24/7 out of the public view wx-side, for starters. 

    what an embarrassment that crap is to the scientists who post here.


    58 minutes ago, wxtrix said:

    here we go.


    54 minutes ago, wxtrix said:

    how can he ignore me? his entire life is centered around responding to my posts. i haven’t replied to him in years and yet he, a married man i have completely ignored for years, literally reacts every post i make. 


    54 minutes ago, wxtrix said:

    if no one cares, why are people coming out of the woodwork to whine about me?


    9 minutes ago, MJO812 said:

    She ruins every thread 

    cry babies

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  6. Just now, correnjim1 said:

    that's your opinion....people have the right to not give a sh!t what you think or feel


    5 minutes ago, correnjim1 said:

    stop being so sensitive

    stop being so sensitive

  7. 5 minutes ago, WhitinsvilleWX said:

    Anytime politics come into play, there's friction. But I’ll just point out which side hurls the most personal insults and name calls. 

    look at this shit

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